You Want To Start a Movie THIS Late??!

Am I the only one who this is applicable to???!

I remember when V & I first started dating he was always SO confused why I'd fall asleep when it was "only" 9pm and we were watching a movie.

Now, he's pretty accustomed to it. He doesn't particularly like it - he wants to watch a movie WITH me awake...not fast asleep in his arms. Haha.

Please tell me someone else is an "oldie" like me. ;)


  1. I don't like starting movies any later than 7pm. Otherwise it's a waste for me ;)!

  2. This is so me too! If it's after 8:00 on a "school night" then we don't even attempt to start a movie. And when we do attempt to start movies later on a Friday night, I end up falling asleep on the couch and getting laughed at :-P

    I assume this will be the case tonight lol

  3. I do that too, It's usually what helps me sleep or just to get some background noise

  4. This is totally me lol. I'm a always falling asleep around 9 watching a TV or movie.

    1. Haha... One of the reasons we are friends! ;)


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