I'm Mingling Today!

I decided to mingle with Meg & friends today!

What would I do if I had $100 to splurge with?!

Clothes? Makeup? Dog toys? Accessories? Kitchen gadgets? Art/craft supplies?

I'm going to go with a clothes (and 1 dog toy per furbaby)!! Mostly cute summer dresses so I could wear them to work, too. I haven't gone a clothing shopping spree in quite some time...it's a shirt here & there...nothing major.

New clothes always make you (me!) feel pretty. And who doesn't like to feel pretty?

Lately, every time I have attempted to snag a shirt or two, I have struck out! I can't even show an example of what I would buy - I'm so behind in the fashion scene. ;)

If you had $100 to splurge with, what would you pick?


  1. I'd probably have to go with clothes, too! There's always something I have my eye on.

  2. Right now, I'd actually say groceries!


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