Fall is in the air!!

Ok so as "fall" as Florida can get - it's coming!! I can feel it in the air at 6:30am - by 9:30am - it's gone. However - in just a little bit, hopefully fall will stay with us during the day a little longer.

In an effort to feel fall, I think it's important to decorate...and craft it up!

We had a girls night recently and made some fall wreaths. Yes, a little premature since it's not even October yet...but, that's ok. (After all PSL season is in full effect anyway.)

Final product...

Do you plan on decorating a wreath this fall? I'm already excited for pumpkin decorating!

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  1. What a fun idea! And I love that we get "fall weather" while everyone else is going through that nasty thing called winter. Although, it has cooled off considerably this past week, now if we could only get rid of this pesky rain :-P


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