LIIFT 4 - Plan C - Meal Plan

1,800-2,099 calories

Consisting of: 5 Veggies, 3 Fruits, 5 Proteins, 4 Carbs, 1 Healthy Fats, 1 Seeds & Dressings, 5 Oils & Nut Butters (tsp)

Real quick, LIIFT 4 is an 8 week program from Beachbody to build muscle and burn fat. The workouts are four days a week with each workout being 30-40 minutes. The workouts consist of weight training (my favorite) and HIIT.

I can discuss LIIFT 4 more in depth in another post if anyone is interested, but I wanted to give an example of the Plan C Meal Plan. (Plan A is readily available online but Plan C seems to be MIA!)

Not anymore!

With this program, a specific nutrition plan is recommended. If you are looking to build serious muscle (like me!) it is recommended you bump up two plans which is what I have done. Plan C Meal Plan consists of: 5 Veggies3 Fruits5 Proteins4 Carbs1 Healthy Fats1 Seeds & Dressings, 5 Oils & Nut Butters (tsp).

The easiest way for me to follow is to meal prep every few days. For example, I will boil a bunch of chicken, cook a bunch of ground chicken, make a pot of brown rice, bake potatoes and veggies, etc. This will make sticking with the meal plan MUCH won't have any excuses.

Beachbody meal plans correlate with colored containers. My mom and I actually followed a different meal plan program with these containers years ago. We both purchased the containers only to make our life easier - and now I get to use them again! So instead of having to measure everything out, you can use the colored containers which are already measured for you. (Gotta love time savers!)

You can snag the colored containers for a great price on Amazon Prime. You also get some additional goodies as well from Efficient Nutrition. The great thing about them too is that they are BPA free!

Happy eating!!

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  1. What a clean diet Cami. Good for you.

  2. Thanks Ryan! Some days are tough but my body always thanks me for it!
    I started reading your site & following on twitter :) looking forward to learning more about you & your groove!


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