A Few Ways to Improve Your Health

Most of us have a goal of improving our health, but are you going about it the right way? From what I see, most of us do not. We eat the wrong foods, we do not get enough exercise, and we are scared of the sun. Plus, a lot of us are living with mold in our homes, which is terrible for our health. If you are looking to improve your health, here are a few ways to improve your health - the right way!

Get Morning Sun

We usually seek the sunlight around the afternoon for a dip in the pool or chill at the beach but research shows that the golden hour for reaping the health benefits is actually in the early morning, ideally between 8-10 in the morning. It not only helps you feel happier, it helps you sleep better, promotes healthy bones, boosts metabolism, helps to improve the way your body absorbs nutrients, aids in regulating hormones and moods, and also boosts immune function. All of those benefits in as little as 10-20 minutes a day, with absolutely no cost to your bank account. Both UV and infrared light are both plentiful in the morning; the reason this is important is because infrared helps enhance the absorption of UV rays in a healthy way—as opposed to one being stronger than the other and resulting in sunburn. The healthy combination helps to lower inflammation in the body, making it the ideal hour to catch some rays! Another bonus of getting that morning light is that it helps to balance your circadian rhythm, which is how your body regulates when to go to sleep and when to wake up- ideally having your peak energy in the mornings and die down into the evening.

Filter Your Water

Do you know what is in your water? You can check out reports on EWG. I was absolutely shocked to find out that there are so many toxins and pollutants in our drinking water. We have been told that it is 100% safe, but when you look at how many of the toxins and pollutants are over the “safe” limits, it will baffle you. To filter out these bad-for-you chemicals, heavy metals, and other pollutants, you need to make sure that you have a great water filter in your home. They even sell whole home filters and bath/shower filters, too, so that you aren’t bathing in chlorine (and more).

Turn off WIFI at night

More than ever, we are submitting ourselves to so many EMFs (radiation) now because of cell phones, laptops, WiFi, tablets, and more. EMFs are proven to be harmful to our health, but our WiFi is something that most of us do not even think twice about because it is “necessary.” There are ways to reduce your exposure to EMFs by turning your WiFi off at night, reducing cell usage (turn it on airplane mode when possible), and using a direct internet line instead of WiFi, when possible.

Remove Mold From Your Home

The biggest home mistake that people are making? Living with mold. To properly get rid of mold, you actually need to REMOVE it. So, if you had a leak inside drywall, that drywall needs to physically be removed from the home - not just treated. This means that you’ll have to do some renovation work, but that is fun, so don’t stress about it! If you have a leak in your kitchen and you have to replace the drywall and tile, I have an idea to save some money (and time) when fixing the wall and backsplash. Instead of getting a new tile which can be expensive, after you replace and repair the drywall, add in faux brick wall panels from Faux Brickwork. Faux Brickwork is a FL-based company and they are leaders in the supply of Faux Brickwork to both the domestic and commercial world. They say, “We are able to provide exceptional authentic looking brickwork to suit any setting. The high quality materials ensure you achieve the look and feel you require without the need for expensive and timely building work. Our versatile materials make is easy and affordable to create the perfect atmosphere both at work and at home.” If you need to remove mold from your walls and have to redo your kitchen backsplash, want to add in an accent wall, or want to add a pop of “WOW” to a bedroom, Faux Brickwork should be your go-to!

Prioritize Sleep

Getting proper and adequate sleep helps to boost your metabolism, helping to shed those extra pounds and to help make better decisions throughout the day. You can’t make good decisions in life with a half awake brain! Sleep is more important than ever, yet people are getting less and less of it because we are all so busy! Prioritize sleep and make sure you are getting 8+ hours each night!

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