91% Humidity...

-Yup, that's what it was when I was walking into work this morning at 9:45am. 


Lovely, right? Nope. Not at all. ESPECIALLY- when you have naturally curly hair and you straighten it. Actually, even if my hair was curly today, it was just turn into a frizz ball.

I'll probably complain about humidity a lot. I hate it. Especially because of my hair situation.

I just got this:


They work...I think? It's just not "humidity-proof" but nowadays, what is?

What kind of hair products do you use?

Have a fantastic weekend, lovelies!!

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  1. Sorry I don't have any beauty advice, I stay pretty close to natural.
    Thanks for you nice comment - now following!

  2. I have frizzy hair too. I've tried the secret weapon, but not the other.


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