Day Off

Yesterday, I had my first day off in 20 days. It was fantastic!

I got a whole lot accomplished - which always makes me feel good.

Not only did I get a lot accomplished, but V & I had date night - which, obviously, is always amazing.

Here is parts of my day in photos:

A friend of mine is currently in Minnesota and sent me this gorgeous photo. 

-I wish I were there! It's in the 70's and only FIFTY percent humidity. Here in Florida, it's way more. BOO. Doesn't bode well for curly hair.

"Drumstick" pencils!
 I found these at Books a Million (where I also picked up Scientific American Mind) - picked them up for V.  He is a man of many talents - one of them being drumming. Thought these were too neat not to pick up!

Nail polish from Sally's - light blue, pink, and coral
 I had a $5 gift certificate at Sally's...had to use it before it expired! When I went there, to my surprise, it was buy 2, get 1 I spent only $5 on 3 nail polishes of "Finger Paints." I've never used this brand - but talked to a random lady there - she said she likes it better than China Glaze (which I was also looking at.) Hopefully it will last well on my nails - I'll be sure to let you know ;)

Dinner! YUM.
For dinner, we went to a sushi restaurant. We split 1 california roll, 10 pieces of sashimi, and a hibachi chicken dinner. YUM! I love splitting food like this. V usually isn't up for it, so I was very happy he wanted to do it last night for dinner. We were both very content after dinner!

I'm horrible at this game.
 After dinner, we decided it was video game time (which we never do!) I was excited to play this game - never played it before - but my excitement quickly went away when I realized how horrible I am at it! Boy oh boy. I need practice...or something. Sheesh.

When we played Mario-kart, I redeemed myself...a little.

I also have Sunday off...made sure to take it off. A good friend is having a little get together at her new house - bbq, board games, a good time. I can't wait. (I usually work weekends, so a Sunday off isn't normal!)

How do you spend your days off?! Running errands, having fun...or both?!



  1. Sounds like an excellent day off! Welcome to blogging. I'm going to follow you - would love if you'd return the favor ;-)

  2. wow you have been really busy!! Glad you had a great day to have some fun and relax! You so deserve it!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Glad to have found you!! Sounds like a wonderful day off. I love Super Mario Wii!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! That first image is gorgeous and those temperatures are making me jealous! It reached 102 in Virginia the other day--I'm sure Florida was even worse!

  5. I love the pretty nail polishes! I need to buy some cute colors! ♥


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