Workout Wednesday

I'm a workout fiend.
I try to workout at least 3 times a week.
Sadly, I can't workout as "hard" (with a lot of weight) since my accident and my neck/back issues. I've been trying to do my own physical's not going to hot. But I'm trying. :) 
Anywho, I need new tunes!
Usually I use Pandora...but I'm getting tired of it - it's all the same songs.

Do you have a workout mix?

If so, what is it?! I need some new ideas.



  1. I like all girly songs. Christina Aguliera - Fighter is amazing! Spice Girls, baha.

  2. Hello! I'm not so into working out, i like to dance though and thats sort of a workout by itself! I'll dance to pretty much anything, but love rock and roll. Chuck Berry style :)

  3. Hey girl, thanks for stopping by to say hi! I'd have have to say 90's pop & hiphop are my favs working out... but my #1 high-energy secret is "GirlTalk" a dj who mixes really unexpected combos of popular music from all decades. He's amazing & it really pumps me up.

  4. Hi like latin and brazilian vibes it's impossible to say still when listening to such vibes! Have you ever tried raggatone some are good! I can't stand any music with cursing in it so you have to be selective.Cumbia (a latin/mexican and south american type of music) is also very fast so this can get you type if you can develop an appreciation for the genre! Anyway! I am your new follower/supporter come by and visit me often!


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