Thankful Tuesday, 7.12.11

I know, I think it's supposed to be a "thankful Thursday" - but I'm breaking the rules ;)

I had such an amazing weekend and I am so thankful today, for so many things.

We had a family reunion - family from my mom's dad. Lots of second, third, and fourth cousins. There were about 50 of us! In a 3 bedroom house that has a pool. It was so really was. My family is crazy (of course, they're Italian!) but they are so wonderful, in their unique ways.

Something that makes me so happy is the fact that we are all so similar - in little ways - but that makes me happy.

Here's one of the photos from the weekend (there were so many!!):

Bordieri Family Reunion 2011
Some of these family members, I had never met before. But it was so cool how we all just got along and just had fun! That's so important - in any family, I think.

What a blessing it is to have amazing family like that AND to feel so blessed and thankful for that. It is sad, but, a lot of people don't have that. That breaks my heart.

Hope you all have a ridiculously amazing family, too!



  1. Wow! What a great looking family! You must be Italian:)

  2. Hi Cami
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! What a wonderful reunion this must have been. I'm amazed that you met fourth is really nice everyone can keep in touch this way!

    Keep on gets easier the more you do it :)

  3. Thanks ladies :) Yes- definitely Italian...hard to keep that under wraps ;)


  4. Hi Cami,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. It looks like your reunion was a blast. I used to live in Naples, I live in Asheville NC

    Hope you visit me again soon.


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