Little Things

Do you absolutely adore the little things in life, like me? I am so thankful for the little things - it's what makes me so happy!

I'll be walking through the store, pass a beautiful flower and take a smell. I know that sounds incredibly cheesy, but it's true. I love when people (ahem, V if you're reading this... ;) ) leave me random notes (just kidding, V knows me well enough by now to know that) or even pick a wildflower and give it to me. One of my little cousins does that for me all of the time - melts my heart.

Monday night, at work, there was a young man in there that is a pretty consistent member. He is always very polite, nice, and social. Always makes a point to say hello to whoever is working. (I love when people do that - makes me feel more like a person and not just the manager...if that makes sense?) Anywho, as I was closing up he asked me if I was going on a date when I got off. I looked at him, smiled, and said "No not tonight." He then proceeded to say - "Oh wow...guess you always look that beautiful then" and walked away. Too cute! He totally made my night. He didn't have to say that - but chose to. He doesn't think anything "funny" by it - he is at least 6 years younger...but I thought it was just too sweet! Totally innocent.

Little things like that - make me so happy.

Here's a car that V and I saw the other night...we couldn't help but take a picture...we were trying to figure out what on earth the license plate said - it took a second...


Amusing, right? Who would have thought?!

Again, the little things...made a monotonous drive a little more amusing. (Monotonous only because we take the same route to the grocery store all of the time - not because we were with each other...just wanted to clarify!)

A couple more little things- having a man who asked me if he could vacuum because he likes putting lines in the carpet, people winking at me, homemade biscottis, snail mail - that isn't a bill or junk mail.

What are some of your favorite little things? Do they completely make your day like they do mine?!



  1. Very interesting post... love the little things <3

  2. Diet Pepsi first thing in the morning. Yum :-)

  3. Hey Cami! We just followed you!! Love your blog!!

    We want to make sure you are entered in out giveaway! We are so excited. But we don't see you as a GFC follower. Can you double check for us so we can get you on the list. Thanks!
    Glad we found each other!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. Also the little things...time with my puppies when they are calm. :-) Diet coke, lipgloss and holding my husbands hand. :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. Great spot! I LOVE cake boss. I even got to meet Buddy at a media event through my job this year!!

  6. Hi Cami
    Just popped over from as you so kindly visited us.
    What a refreshing blog! I love that this post was all about appreciating the smaller gifts in life;how wonderful!
    Some of my fav things; just having quality time with hubby, watching a beach sunset here in Spain, a lovely iced drink on a very hot, steam day, watching a storm from the comfort of my home........I could go on ;-)

  7. I loveeee personalized plates! I'm always on the lookout for them. That was is great!!

  8. Hi! I found you through Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop hosted by Shelly from My Saving Game and Jeannette from The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug.

    I like the style of your blog. And it is the little things in life that make life awesome.


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