Show + Tell Monday

It's Monday, that means show + tell time!

I have lots of great pictures to share from my 3 day weekend, which happens only seldom! (Both the 3 day weekend part AND taking pictures!)

Friday I went to New Symrna Beach (yes, the Shark Capital of the world) to meet up with Angela - a college friend who is moving to TN to go to Vanderbilt. Once V found out I had a Friday off, he decide to play hookey (shh!) ;) 

Beautiful day! And no sharks! ;)

V taking a snooze!

Miss Pretty Angela!

Ice cream time...soft serve in a cone, outside in 100*, bad idea.

My sexy stud

Me + Ang!

Friday night I went to dinner and putt-putt golf with some ladies from work! I'm so awful at putt-putt...sheesh. I'm not even going to tell you my score, it's embarrassing. BUT, I did get a couple pars! Woohoo!

Nina, a personal trainer & Sunday, my partner in crime ;)

Goofy lady!

Saturday we had a delicious massage that I bought for Valentine's Day! (It expired soon...hehe!)

Amazing 55 minutes of Saturday...ah, so amazing!

Then it was time to run to somewhere to watch a soccer match!

So mesmerized!

After we were all greased up, it was time for a swim!

Me, floating around...ah, so relaxing!

V playing with his underwater camera!

China!! She loves playing ball AND swimming even more!

China dog loves diving!

Dinner time - turned into WAY too much food. It was an Italian place we went to in town that we had never been to before...oh my goodness, we'll be able to have at least three other dinners from the leftovers!

Oh MY!

Saturday night turned into a movie (V + I watched a great documentary about James interesting!) and this delicious treat:

I don't know the last time I had a pop tart!

Sunday I relaxed all day with this cutie pie (my god-daughter) and her momma (my cousin):

Miss Pretty!

If only I could have three day weekends every weekend. :) I am very thankful for the fantastic weekend I was able to have! <3

Hope you all had a blessed and relaxing weekend! What did you and the family do?!


  1. Love the beach!

  2. What a fun weekend! I have a confession. While we eat mostly healthy, my boys ask for poptarts pretty much every.single.morning.

  3. What a great weekend! I love the instagram app, don't you?! The editing on it is just so fun :)

  4. OH, and btw, I loove your new blogger look!!

  5. Love the photos from your adventures this weekend and good for you for playing hookie! Such a fun blog!


  6. How beautiful. There's nothing like the sunlight in Florida...

    Greetings from Minneapolis!


  7. Sounds like a perfect summer weekend- Swimming, ice cream, and great food!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Oh my gosh, that looks sooo nice! I'm so envious.

    Just stopping by for Mingle Monday!


  9. Hello Cami,
    Thank you for following us. Your blog is so colorful and full of life. I really like your HEADER. I hope it's not too hot in Florida. We are California gals, so we get the sun all of the time. I am now following you, and I hope you have a beautiful week.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  10. It looks like paradise there! We were at cinema, because here is horrible weather!

  11. Fun! My hubby LOVES poptarts! I always tell him it feels like I am shopping for children when I get his favs! :)


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