My question to you is - do you and your significant share a lot? I don't mean share love for one another or share the last bit of dressing that's left on your dinner salad.

Saturday night, V and I just finished a delicious Italian dinner. We were debating about going to Publix to pick up a sweet treat. Lately, we've had our eyes on some delicious cupcakes. I don't mean those puney little ones you see in a package of eight. I mean a REAL cupcake. (We watch one too many food shows - like Cupcake Wars!)


Anywho, so I decide to say I'm not feeling a Red Velvet cupcake that V has been looking at. He then says - "Well, that's what I'm can get whatever you'd like, babe." And I say - "Oh, I thought we were sharing one..." V- "You and sharing!! I love sharing with you - when there's a lot of food, not when there's something that isn't share-worthy. Half of a cupcake will be one bite for me!"

I don't know where I get it from. V will be munching on something that there is not much quantity of (obviously quality out-weights that!) and I will come up, bat my eye lashes, and ask for a bite. After a "Babe! Really?!" I get my bite and I'm a happy camper. I could do without the 'tude but noooo - I can't have a bite and a nice man...just a bite and a grumpy man who has to share.


We'll be going to the store on a Friday night (yes, we live a very fun and intriguing life...haha!) and getting a snack. V- "Ok, babe, lunch meat for me." Me- "Sounds good!" V- "No, I said I'm getting it for me. What do you want?" Me- " thought we were getting lunch meat." V- "Here we go again! I'll get extra, then, since you're going to eat it all." (Sometimes, I swear, I wish we had a videographer around...we'd make for a great tv show.)

(Oh and just for the record...V is an exceptional man who I would not be with if he weren't. So before you start saying he's a jerk, etc, etc, he's not. The man just likes me to get my own food and not pick off of his. Growing boy, I guess!)

Relationships...gotta love the quirkness of relationships. After all, they are quite amusing - and at least make for a good blog post. ;)


  1. I also love Cupcake Wars, and find that it gives me a constant cupcake craving lol. In our relationship usually my husband is the one asking for a bit of what I have, I've gotten better at giving it happily, even when I don't really want to lol

  2. I remember when my hubby and I first started dating - we'd split an appetizer and he would always leave the last one for me. Now, he'll eat it and mid bite will say, "Oh - did you want that?" Ugh - yes, marital bliss! I agree though - would make for a fabulous reality show! You guys are too cute!

  3. This is too funny!! I'm kind of like your hubby! :-) I'll share but there needs to be enough to share. HAHA!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. Hi Cami - I'm following you over from the blog hop. I hope you will follow me back at

    I'm completely guilty of being selfish share-er. I get three bites to my husband's one - of sweet things that is! If it's an appetizer, it's like I have to race to get in ac couple of bites! I guess it's even then. ;) I look forward to hearing/reading more from you!

  5. Thanks for the morning smile ... It was like I was reading a conversation hubby and I often have ... Happy Tuesday..xo HHL

  6. LOL, I wouldn't want to share my cupcake either ;-)

  7. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and linking up for the Hump Day Hop. Yes my man hates it when we buy klondike bars, which usually means he gets three and I get three right...well if he lets his sit in the freezer for a certain amount of time I find unacceptable, they start disappearing. I keep telling him its freezer Gnomes but I don't think he believes me. ;)

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has 2 Hands!

  8. LOL! I'm glad that I don't have that problem with the hubby. We actually save the food for each other no matter how much we want to eat it. Like once, I was saving a piece of cake for him and it was left in the fridge for the longest time. I asked him if he was going to eat it and he said "I was saving it because I thought you wanted it"

    but... i do get that feeling of being a little stingy with my best friend. gawd she eats most of my food! LOL!

    nevertheless, you guys are one cute couple! i lol @ your man! and yay for you because he shares even though we all know that he probably doesn't want to hahaha!

    -Robots in Trouble

  9. Shane and I have been together for 15 years now, he has never liked sharing! I can't even grab a fry off his plate! When he has a salad or whatever, he won't share until he has ate all he wants, then I can have the left overs!

    Oh, and yep, when we go to the grocery store, we get my stuff and his stuff. lol So funny!! So... V. might never change either but not sharing doesn't make our men bad men!!!

  10. Hi there- found you through the hop and am a new follower. I have been in a relationship with my husband for seven years and we have always been very good at sharing. meaning, I get to eat as much as I want and he gets the rest and never complains! Aren't I lucky! I hope you have time to follow my life in South Africa by

    I hope you have a great week!

  11. That cupcake looks so good. Me and my family love to eat good food - I think it is our heritage. We're always taking bites from eachother's plates. Cupcakes are my favorite!! In fact, I want to do a post on "Cupcakes" alone. haha.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  12. awwww Cami . . . I love the saying "the quirkness of relationships" . . . awesome way to describe it :)

    Thank you for following my blog . . . I'm following you back as well and look forward to catching up with your posts!

    Have a wonderful day . . . Gina


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