Stetson Hall Demolition

My alma mata, Stetson University, has major constructive surgery going on today. What I mean by that - is that one of the dorm rooms are being demolished. If you're reading this on Thursday, July 21...they are probably working on it right now!

Stetson Hall, the dorm that is soon to be no more, was built in 1886! It is Stetson's second oldest, that's old! The reasoning behind this demolition is the fact that Stetson Hall is truly in poor condition - including lots of mold - ew! I remember when I went to Stetson, many people living there had health issues due to the mold.

In 1946, the building was expanded a bit, which made it lose it's historical significance a bit. 

Oh, and it was haunted. Yup. Haunted. Sad story- a young man committed suicide by hanging himself from his shower in a dorm room in Stetson Hall. I can't remember what year this happened. Story has it that people will see him walking around - through the window from the outside. People have said that they've seen him just staring out into the courtyard. Creepy, right?

Stetson Hall

Can you believe that for 125 years, Stetson Hall was used as a dormitory?! That sure is a long time! I feel like it's a piece of history that is soon going missing...

The property will now be used, most likely, for an admissions center.

UPDATE: Here's a picture of it starting...

It's so weird to know that when I go to visit, Stetson Hall will be MIA.

Has that happened to any of your alma matas? If so- how weird was it for you?

It's almost the weekend - yay! I have a three day weekend! :) Hope you all have a fantastic day!!



  1. I believe my alma mata is still hanging in there. Last visit it had changed greatly. So sad and happy at the same time.
    New follower from Wordless Wednesday.
    Hope you follow back.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I would be upset if my college took down one of the dorms I stayed in while I was there!

  3. I haven't been back to my alma mater since the summer I graduated - way back in 1997. I know they've done a lot since then because of the alumni magazine though. I wish it wasn't so far - I'd love to go visit!

  4. Dear Cami,
    Just dropping by to say hello and THANK YOU for the sweet comments on my blog. I am now YOUR newest follower. Look forward to learning more about you.
    Blessings on your day today,
    Mary :o)

  5. Change is necessary, but sad sometimes.

    Thanks for your visits. BTW...we live in Destin.


  6. Glad I participated in the Bee Friendly Friday Hop, because now we both have new followers on our blog! I am going to check out the Crackle polish you talked about. Thanks again for the wonderful comments. I want to return to my old school someday, I am sure every thing will seem smaller or different in some way. I have been able to reconnect with classmates through Faccebook and that was exciting.

    Thanks again for following and happy I could hop back and do the same.

    Saving Your Green

  7. That makes me sad. :( When I started at my alma mater, we had a tiny road that ran through campus. I always used to park my car there (and cruise for cute guys! HA!). Anyway, my senior year they started to renovate campus. Now the road is long gone, and I miss it a bit. :(

  8. Hi Cami, thanks for stopping by and participating in my Pom pom giveaway ;-) re your post, I always feel so sad when an old historical building is brought down :-( have a nice weekend, Sonishka


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