There Could Never Be a More Beautiful You

Happy Monday!

I was going to post some photos of my wonderful weekend - but decided to save that for another day. God placed upon my heart to remind each and every one of you how beautiful - inside and out, you are. Someone must truly need to hear it today. <3

I see so many gorgeous girls - other blogs, facebook, magazines, etc. But then I see them without makeup and I realize why they wear it. (Ok, that's mean! But you get my point.)

Make-up (and I am not judging anyone because I am the same way!) puts a sense of security around you. A sense of feeling good about yourself. It wasn't until about a year+ ago that I stopped wearing make-up to the gym. Yes, I would wear foundation/powder so I didn't feel as though I looked so miserable. So I am just as guilty as potentially you. It isn't right - it isn't wrong. It just IS.

Then I began to feel how much God really cares for me. How much he truly loves me. I always knew it - but I started to feel it. It gave me a self-confidence - more than make-up every gave me. Once I truly accepted and realized how much God loves me - even at my ugliest (and I don't mean physically ugly,  I mean characteristic ugly) - I'll be okay with whatever obstacles come my way. That even means the obstacle against myself.

That constant need to wear some type of make-up, I realized how silly it is. I'm going to the gym - I'll sweat it off why wear it?! I'm going to the beach...I'll be hot in five why wear it?! I'm going to go swimming in the pool with some why wear it? It is all an obstacle that I had to get over - in my head. I got over it. It took some time and some practice, but I got over it.

YOU out there. No matter what your struggle is - if you are struggling with the same thing I did. Or if you just have low self-confidence due to constantly comparing yourself to others. Whatever it is - you are beautiful. So what if you have a mole on your cheek or you're shorter/taller than everyone or you have to walk with a limp - you are gorgeous.

You have something unique and wonderful that other people wish they had for themselves. Whatever that one thing is - hold tight to it. When you're having an off day - think to yourself - "everyone always compliments me on my great posture...even if I have a zit the size of Mars...I'm going to soak up this great posture I have and feel good about it - feel good about myself." Of course others will have things - for example a nice clean complexion - that you wish you had - but don't dwell on those things. Only dwell on the positives. Life is far too short to think of negative things. Don't forget to thank God for that great posture of yours - every good and perfect gift comes from God. (Good posture isn't necessary a "good gift" but it sure gives you amazing self-confidence and self-worth and THAT, my dear, is from God.)

So those of you who needed an extra pick me up and a kick in the butt for always doubting yourself - here you go. I hope it reached you. And I hope you realize
 how beautiful you truly are <3  

 Just in case you haven't heard this song - this is for you -


  1. What a sweet post! :) You are just such a sweetheart!

  2. What a great reminder of what we all need to hear more often! Thanks for the smile on this slow Monday morning :)


  3. Oh, Cami, that's so sweet... and so true!

    "You have something unique and wonderful that other people wish they had for themselves. Whatever that one thing is - hold tight to it. ...So those of you who needed an extra pick me up and a kick in the butt for always doubting yourself - here you go. I hope it reached you."

    Loved it. You write so well! See.. I am of the believe that ppl who believe in God, who truly believes in Him, have the key to live a happier life... maybe I'm digressing, but that's what I thought when I read your beautiful words.

    Oh, and by the way.. I added your button to my latest post. Hope that's ok with you. A promise is a promise :P

  4. Awwwwww :) I really really LOVED this!
    Thank you :)

  5. This is a very nice post! Your beautiful!

  6. Cami, beautifully written!! and sooooo true... when I was in the Corporate world pre-accident - I wouldn't think of going to the office without make-up ... now post accident - (ok so, for the first year, due to my right elbow being fused in hand shake position ~ it was impossible to apply make-up on my own) ... but I really feel good about going out without that security blanket (make-up)...

    Wishing you a fabulous day!! xo HHL

  7. I love this such a wonderful reminder!

  8. This is my absolute favorite song!! :) Thanks for posting, love it!

  9. Thanks for the encouraging word. I definitely needed it. :)

  10. What a beautiful, beautiful post. I'm stopping by from the Wednesday Window to share some comment love, and your post just was so uplifting. It's so true--there's something about each of us that is truly OURS, that God has given to us just for US, and that we should be proud of. Of course, the trick is figuring out what that is! LOL

    You might actually enjoy the post I put on the Wednesday Window... I make fun of myself for being such a sucker and buying all types of tv advertised products to "improve myself"... when really, as you so gracefully point out, I am perfect in God's eyes just the way I am.

    A beautiful sentiment, and beautifully written. Thank you for the uplifting message!

    Smiles, Jenn
    Misadventures in Motherhood - Sucker Punch

  11. You are blessed to have learned this lesson at a young age! I'm 32 and have just recently gained the confidence (or maybe I just lost the part where I give a crap?) to leave my house sans makeup. Hmmm. But you know what? I'm perfectly ok appearing at the gym/beach/pool without makeup. As for everywhere else? Unless I'm going there on the way to/from one of the above places, I'll still try to put on a pretty face. Stopping by from the Newbie Blog Hop!

  12. What an important reminder!

    Thank you for participating in last week’s Wednesday Window @ Frugality Is Free. I hope you’ll stop by to link up your favorite blog post this week as well.

  13. Thanks for that reminder...I wear less and less makeup as I age, and don't miss it!


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