Wanna Trade?

Wednesdays, how I love thee.

(I realize today is Friday...yes! But I want to tell you all about my Wednesday.)

First off - Wednesdays are usually my day off. So why wouldn't I adore them?!

V and I had a meeting for Baby Pickel. The meeting went really great! We met with a company that seemed like it belongs in California or NYC - not Daytona! It was phenomenal. This company had their own studio as part of their facility. Too cool! Keep us in your prayers that our relationship with the company does nothing but strengthen.

We then made our way to Barnes & Noble where I treated myself to a cafe americano which I haven't had in so long - yum! V had his usual black coffee and had a skype meeting with a potential client of his before time to take a visit to...Best Buy!

I don't know if you remember - but my Dell is on the fritz. I looked at MacBooks - been wanting one for a long time. As I was checking out (once I finally deciphered between want versus need and realized how much of an investment this MacBook will be - especially since it will pay off in the long run...I couldn't take my Dell anywhere - it needed to be plugged in, my mousepad tracker is so messed up, had a few other issues...etc.)

Now I get back to where I was trying to take you - there was a nice young man who was checking me out. Not only did he hook me up (student discount and $100 gift card to Best Buy --- thank you Jesus!) but we traded iPhone cases.

No joke.

V and I get to the counter - I had my phone in my hand to put it back in my purse and the case caught his eye. He told me he had been looking for a lime green and black case for ages - those are his favorite colors. He kind of chuckled and said "Wanna trade?" I was tired of my case. Actually - I was tired of it after the first five minutes of having the case on. I got it because V liked it - and my other case was a little too girly so his masculine side was always jeopardized when he used my phone. ;) 

I looked at his phone case, while V is next to me shaking his head up & down (he began to hate my lime green case for some reason!), and was having an inward debate with myself.

The Best Buy gentleman even offered to buy me a new one just to trade my lime green case! I declined the very generous offer and took him up on the trade.

I am now the proud owner of this awesome iPhone case:

I sound so silly. Like I bought a new car or something. -Nope, just a case for my phone.

I'm so excited for it, though! It makes my phone not seem to horribly bulky or ugly!! It's pretty neat looking now, I must say.

If you're on the prowl for a new case - I highly recommend this one! Supposedly, this one is also helpful so that the phone doesn't overheat since it's light and the type of material. I think it's great that the back of the case is clear, too. Adds an extra something - something to it. 

What a fun story, right? Never have I ever - until now - have I not only had an exceptionally helpful & great experience with a customer service person but also, made such a random trade with a complete stranger. (A mighty cool stranger, I must say!)

Have you ever made some kind of trade with a stranger?




  1. Happy Friday! Awesome that you had a "trade"...too funny! Hasn't happened for us yet. Also, sending you the best wishes on your new relationship with the company you met with. Just checked out Baby Pickle too...that's awesome!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. So - funny as usual :)
    BUT, I traveled over to Baby Pickel - how CUTE and what a great idea! (I love the giving to a mother in need). Is this your 'baby'? Absolutely AWESOME!

  3. This is such a cute story ... "Wanna trade?" ... I would have looked at him like he was cazy ... probably the inner NY in me, I question everyone and suspect everyone is up to no good! LOL :-)

  4. That's awesome, Cami! P.S. My Macbook is from 2008 (purchased it new with money my grandpa gave me for college graduation) and I have NEVER had an issue with it.It's super fast, user-friendly, and extremely portable. The newest ones are even better than mine, so I can't imagine you having any issues with it! :-)


  5. That's a pretty awesome story if you ask me!! Happy Friday :)

  6. How funny! My case is ugly, but since I drop my phone often, it is good! Visiting and following from You Like Me Hop...hop over to my blog and follow back if you like!



  7. I've never traded with a stranger, but how cool for you!

    Following you from the Stalk Hop Friday. Please follow back:


  8. Hi Cami - glad you had such a positive experience and best wishes for a continued positive work relationship....

    beachside cottage

    Enjoy the weekend

  9. Do you think the case is sturdy? My iphone case is HUGE! I've been looking for a smaller one.

  10. We just got a new mac today too (iMac) with the $100 gift card. I was beyond excited about that part!!

    New follower (found you on another blog)



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