Weekend Recap

First - I just want to share with you all that after almost a year and a half of praying for no work on Sundays, it finally happened. Woohoo!! Never again will I have to work another Sunday - I can devote the morning to God and relax the rest of the day. Praise Jesus! Makes me so very happy!

Second - I just want to thank you for continuing to read my ramblings. Your comments and e-mails make me so very happy!

Third - don't forget about my giveaway! Is there a reason no one is entering?! : Any response would be much appreciated :)

Ok, ok...picture time now!

After work on Saturday, it was time for my uncle's surprise 60th birthday! Somehow we pulled it off - he had no idea...
Sign my cousin made!

DELICIOUS cannoli cake...oh boy, YUM!

My very talented, 14 year old, cousin - private concert by the pool!

My precious god-daughter and I!

Uncle Vinny! His old gag jokes ;)

V + I <3

Watermelon my dad grew - 30 lbs!!

YUM! So sweet and delicious.

After church on Sunday, it was lunch with my parents and a day of relaxation - just what the doctor ordered! ;)

What a lovely weekend for me! How about you? What did your weekend consist of?




  1. I totally want to weigh my watermelon now! We have a bunch in the garden. Great pics!

  2. Looks fun. Yum that watermleon looks delish!

  3. Great pics..So glad your prayer to not work on Sunday finally came to pass....we are following from the monday social hop. Abundant Blessings!!


  4. Watermelon looked delicious! I love the banner. It looks like you guys had a great celebration.

  5. Woohoo Cami!!! I firmly believe there should be no work on Sundays as it is a time for family and faith. When I was growing up, that was how it was--a couple places open for a short period of time and then closed. (like the bakery so you could get some goodies after mass)

    Good for you!!

    Evelyn Leon
    Adventure of Super Spice

  6. Cute blog, looks like a fun party! New follower from the hop, hope you'll stop by: http://www.margsformommy.com

  7. That watermelon is amazing!! Haha! Glad you had a great weekend!

  8. Oh you're sixty? You look so young than you're age... I'm Lisa following you from Wild Wednesday Hop Week 3.

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