Show n' Tell Time!


Even though I had a three day weekend (and usually I only get one day off at a time) it still felt like this week was a little long, didn't it? A long, but over-all good week!

I want to thank you all for being such amazing readers - you all make me smile so much from your sweet comments and e-mails - thank you so much!

It's almost my birthday! (Well...20 more days!) To celebrate my day of birthday with all of you, I am hosting a giveaway a week before my birthday. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Time to share some fun finds with you...   

I need a little black dress! I adore this one!

Ah, need some time to relax this weekend to make my skin look pretty! ;)

Nice note I came home to Thursday <3  

I think these are just TOO CUTE! Aren't they?!

If I made an eTsy shop of these - would you buy it? How much would you buy it for? All swarovski crystal!

OH and speaking of my family keeps asking me what I want to do...I don't know! Any ideas?! I'm not a party girl - so that narrows it down a lot. Yes, I really am that dull that I need birthday ideas!

Besides my face mask, I work all day on Saturday. My hope is that after work, V and I will head to Port Orange for some shopping. He needs new cleats - I need a whole new wardrobe. (Who wants to fund that adventure? Haha!) Sunday is church and now football day.

Speaking of football, I'll have to make a post about that next week.

What are your weekend plans?

I will stop with the randomness and and say that you, my dear, are amazing! Have a blessed Friday! <3  



  1. Yay for your upcoming birthday! Celebrating is so much fun :) Shopping tomorrow sounds good too. My husband and I have a wedding to attend tomorrow but I'm hoping to get some cleaning done in the morning (not really what I want to be doing but it's gotta be done!).

    I love the bracelet you made. Love Swarovski and the colors are so pretty! I'm a sucker for handmade jewelry so I'd definitely be interested. Etsy is so awesome too. I previously had a shop but did not have the time to dedicate to it but hoping to get things back up and running soon. Definitely something for you to consider. I'd love to see more of your work :)

    Happy Friday!

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  2. You are amazing as well! :)

    ...and if you find anyone to fund your new wardrobe, I'd appreciate it if you could sent them my way! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. i definitely need a face mask...must find some of that stuff :)

    have a good weekend!

  4. awe i love little notes!!
    and i am so happy it is friday! i love weekends!!
    i'm gonna have to pick up a mask.. i would love to relax without having the bill from a salon!!

    fun post!!


  5. That dress is so cute! I'm thinking about doing some spa-type relaxing this weekend too. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy all the pre-bday fun! :)

  6. The note was so sweet! I love the bracelet and I would totally buy them. I need to make my face look pretty too, gotta make time for that this weekend. Hope you have a wonderful one =)

  7. Cute black dress!


  8. love the dress too! And yes, I need to do a face mask.. been too long since I have done that.

    Hope you found someone to fund your shopping spree this weekend!

    Love the bracelet, or necklace. Very pretty!! Hmm... If its a bracelet I would go with $10 minimum and necklace something like $20... I know how much the stuff costs and what it takes to make them.
    Although mine aren't selling at the prices I have right now.. a lot of people have looked at them but not bought...
    Hey.. you still like that Caribbean necklace? Maybe we can do a trade one day! ;)

    Happy early birthday, enjoy your weekend! And tell V that was a very sweet note!

  9. First I have to say that you are amazing too!!!! ;) And I dont party so I guess Im pretty dull too lol
    And Love the note you came home too!!


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