Wordless Wednesday - Picture Day!

Picture time!

Wordless Wednesday = many pictures = my weekend in photos!

Packed + ready to go to my sister's for the weekend!

Had to stop by work first and do a few things - 3 days closed with no one to clean the place - potential dangerous.

Mr. Henry

Homemade sangria!


Chicken stir fry for dinner

My sissy cookin!

Watching "The Proposal"


Carrot cake!

GPSing to our next destination

Delicious lunch at Bahama Breeze!


Hehe! Whatcha think? Can I pull it off?

If you haven't tried it- do it.


  1. hehe great pictures, looked like you had a awsome time and enjoyed some amazing food.

  2. Love the nails! The Sangria looks so yummy too... and the Carrot Cake :) Looks like you had a great weekend with your sister!


  3. Love the 2 tone nail polish!

  4. Good morning Cami, I'm sorry I have missed a few of your posts. Company and busy is my life. I love that about retirement. Smile.
    It sounds like you are off and having a wonderful time. Love homemade Sangria. When we were in Canada eating lunch at an Italian Bistro we drank their specialty...Homemade Sangria. Delicious.
    You and your sissy are having a grand time. Go for the gusto.
    XO, Jeanne

    ps: I have the follow link up. It is not filling up very fast. I think I have to mention it in my post. My friends are used to me 'not' having that feature.

  5. Hi there, following you from Catch a Wave Wednesday. Please visit me and follow back!

    Thanks, Debbie


  6. That weekend looks amazing! I wish mine would have been more like that and less studying...

  7. I love Sangria! :) Your nails look great. Sounds like a fun weekend!

  8. Sangria & Carrot cake are two of my FAVORITE things ... and i love your nails :-)

  9. Looks like a fun time... ah, to be young again LOL! The nails look cute, the sangria looks yummy!
    Stopping by from Give a Hoot Wednesday!

    Mom on Caffeine

  10. Hey Cami... I just wanted to say that yes, that song is Oliver James (from the movie What A Girl Wants with Amanda Bynes lol)... it was our wedding song :) the words were just perfect

  11. Hahah I think the nails are awesome! And you and your sister seriously look like twins, or is it just me. o_o

  12. Hi! Following you through the Lots of Lovin' Weekend Blog Hop!!
    Looks like you and your sister had a fun weekend :)
    How funny is the naked scene in 'The Proposal'? Has me in stitches with laughter every time lol
    Have a great weekend!!


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