Giving Thanks

So much to be thankful for...

-All of you. Your comments...your praise...your kindness melts my heart. THANK YOU!

-Having the opportunity to help people out and house sit for them...second time in two weeks! And being trustworthy enough.

-My freelance work going great! (Let me know if you need anything done!)

-Having friends who I can be there for and they are there for me. <3

-My parents getting a new dog. (Our Shelby girl had to be put asleep a month or so ago...RIP)
-Having a man who reminds me in a constant basis how pretty I am. I have learned recently that, unfortunately, not everyone gets that. I am so blessed!

-Being able to "watch tv" with a friend via text messaging quotes from "Modern Family" on ABC. Wish my friends lived closer!

-Being kept up to date with what V is doing in Massachusetts from photos throughout the day!

-Seeing this in the sky in Orlando on Monday...
"Jesus 4 gives...Jesus saves all"

-Leftover eggplant parm that my mom favorite!

-Distance making the heart grow fonder!

-Twitter followers...follow me!

-Delicious sushi with an amazing friend from college!

-Being able to hang with my love before his flight
Showing off his new kicks!
-Being healthy, healed & whole! <3


  1. What a beautiful thankful list! Each one as precious as the first!

  2. I think everyone should take some time to stop and really think about what they are thankful for. It is something I forget to do.

  3. What an awesome thing to see in the sky!!! I love that!! Mmm I love me some eggplant parm :) I bet homemade is even better too. Gahhh I want some sushi!!! Have a great day, Cami!

  4. Hi,

    This is my first Thoughtful Thursday Hop. I am sorry to hear about your dog. That is hard. I have lost two pets this year. :(

    Hope to se you stop by my blog. I shared a list of books on cemetery history for my link. I am a dark fiction author.


  5. That sushi looks delish! And Jake is adorable!!!

  6. My heart smiled reading your beautiful list. We're at our best when we are praising our God.


  7. Love your list! Jake looks a lot like my dog, Sophie. :)

  8. These are great things to be thankful for Cami. I'm also following you on twitter just now (SunkisssedLife). Enjoy the rest of your week!

  9. love love love your gratitude list and am now a twitter follower too. Jake looks so cool..a great pup and your guy....even cooler mostly b/c he's kind and nice....and you totally deserve that.

  10. There are so many blessings to count it overwhelms me! Your list is heartwarming.
    Hugs, Deborah <><

  11. Just became your newest follower..stopping by from Planet Weidknecht weekend blog hop..would love a follow back..beautiful pictures

  12. Hi Cami, I just read your posts to catch up with you. Love the cake. "Life's uncertain, eat dessert first" (my motto) Your special guy is very handsome and he should tell you how pretty you are. Smile. I know you are missing him.

    A new dog is a great idea. We do love our pups like family. I know you miss your dog. We never forget our pets but I have found out there is room in our heart for another pup to dearly love.

    Have a wonderful week.
    Blessings, xo,

  13. Cami,

    You, by far, are the most positive blogger I know, and I love it!!


  14. Aww :)
    I love your thankful thursdays.. So filled with joy and gratitude and all!
    Stay blessed :)


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