Such a Chicken...

I want to update my iPhone to the iOs 5 so badly.

One problem - I'm such a chicken.

I backed up my iPhone but I keep getting this:

Although mine doesn't say anything about taking an hour or so. Nope. I don't even get that.

I don't want to start from scratch...not one bit. No thanks!

Any tips? Pretty please :)



  1. i know exactly how you feel, I just did my update and had NO IDEA what I was doing. I got an iPhone pro to come over and help me. and yes my phone updated for hummm oh 3 hours!! best advice, get someone who knows exactly what they are doing so you dont loose everything!!

    Classic & Bubbly

  2. i wish i could give you tips but i don't wanna update my iphone too! for the same reason that you don't want to update yours. and because i don't wanna have to wait almost an hour to use my phone. yes, i'm that attached. it's crazy. haha. so if you do decide to update, let me know how it goes?

  3. dont be scared! i was a chicken too until my husband did his and i saw all the cool new stuff we could do.

    that same screen popped up on mine and it made me really nervous. i have a macbook, so i backed up all my pictures. then i plugged it in and 2 hours later it was done. all my contacts, photos were in tact, i thought i lost all my apps until i went into the app store and had them all sitting in the update que. just update them if they dont show up.

    i heard all these horror stories of people losing all their contacts, photos, etc and it freaked me out! good luck and hope it works :)

  4. No tips... but want to know what you find out! lol Yeah, starting from scratch? Umm... nope!!!

    OH... I also wanted to tell you that I gave you the 'Tell Me About Yourself' Award. You can go to Coming Alive in Christ for the details. :)


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