Weekend in Pictures

I've been real bad with Tasty Tuesday...does anyone miss it? I wasn't sure anyone was really liking it. Would love some feedback!

I want to share some great photos with you from my weekend...

Saw these while food shopping...I didn't buy them but almost did...do they not look SCRUMPTIOUS?!

It poured ALL WEEKEND. It was like a tropical storm/hurricane here in FL. It was horrible!

V's sister...took her to a new pottery studio...the before shot!

My before shot!

My after shot...cute lil guy :)

Beautiful girl she is!

Again...another delicious snack. Although I was actually munching on these!

A friend of mine went to Minnesota for a wedding...this was outside the church. Gorgeous, right?

Happy birthday, cousin Michelle!

Happy 24...getting old like me ;)

Jakey-poo! :) He loves me!

Pumpkin patch in Massachusetts...where V is. Looks like a fun time!

My baby overlooking a gorgeous mountain...look at that VIEW!

I hope you all had a blessed, amazing, fun weekend! Mine was not only productive but also full of love and happiness!



  1. Those fiber one brownie bars look SO good! If you ever try them, let me know how you like them! :)

  2. Love your turtle!! Fiber one bars-I bought those for my husbands lunch..he said it tasted like fake chocolate lol I never got to try one so I couldnt tell you if he was right?? Love your pictures!

  3. Tasty Tuesday inspired mine. I like new recipes and food.

  4. I loooove Fiber One bars... I had no idea they made brownies too! So trying those. The pottery studio looks so fun. Your creations are cute! Glad you had a great weekend :)

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  5. The brownies look absolutely yum yum :x *drools*
    Wow. That pottery thing is so damn cool! That turtle <3
    Gorgeous is an understatement. Wow. That really is beautiful!
    Happy bday to your sister :) Belated though!
    DOG!! I love dogs and cats :D
    And the last pic has a breathtaking view. Wow!
    Seems like you had an awesome weekend :D
    Take care Cami

  6. How fun. Turtle is so cute! Special K chips, must find those!!!

  7. Looks like you had a pretty nice weekend. Those brownies look delicious! I love your turtle. Our dogs are seriously twins! I know that expression! lol

    I was hoping you would do a Tasty Tuesday today. I actually have a post today. I even remembered to take a picture!

  8. Hi!! I've never been to FL! I'm dying to go! Special k chips?? Delicious!!!

  9. Wow that view is amazing. I love how your turtle came out.. very cute indeed.

  10. These are some great comments...the turtle is too cute!

  11. hi ! am here via the newbie hop...I lovvvvee the turtle..totally adorable..you can find me at http://purplechronicle.blogspot.com/

  12. AH! Those Special K chips are bomb dot com! Loving the pics girly! :)


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