What a weekend!

I had such an incredible weekend. I can't lie and say that's something unusual - I always have a fantastic weekend...God is good! But this weekend was full of friends I haven't seen in quite some time who all have a special place in my heart.

Here's my weekend in pictures...when I remembered to take them! ;)

My beautiful god daughter...she's getting so big :(

My mom's gnome...before she painted him!

Painting his booty! ;)
My mug I painted!

The inside!

Lovely dinner with Miss Erin!

Boardie love <3
Lovin the weather!!

Caring Chefs event in Jacksonville...all proceeds went to Childrens Home Society!

Amazing musicians!


My dad & I :)

Sister, Mom, and I

Sissy and I :)

My wonderful friend Turner & I :)

And church was so fantastic on Sunday. So many things I needed to hear!

Hope your weekend was just as blessed as mine!



  1. i love your mug and love you in that dress! i'm glad you had a fun filled weekend. hope you have an even more fun filled week.

  2. I am so glad you had such an amazing weekend! The mug you made is adorable by the way!

  3. Love all the pictures! I love your mug, so cute! I especially like the detail on the inside. :)

    I'm glad you had a good weekend. Wishing you a wonderful week as well! :)

  4. LOOKS LIKE YOU HAD AN AMAZING WEEKEND! Your mug is too cute for words! :)


  5. such a wonderful full weekend!! I LOVE weekends like that...when all the people you love get to be included in just a few short days! you are beautiful...love your style too!
    your mug is adorable...i love painting pottery! it is so relaxing!
    hope your week is just as beautiful <3

  6. Loved the mug! As Anna said, the detail on the inside is the cutest thing
    Oh, and you look super pretty - loved that black dress :P
    What kind of paint did you buy to do that?


  7. Glad you had an amazing weekend.
    You look beautiful hon!
    And the mug is adorable :D And cute!!
    Take care


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