Happy 11.11.11!

A friend of mine's other half is pregnant and due on the 26. They are (obviously) hoping for today. I just talked to him, though and it doesn't look like it will happen. Would have definitely been a super fun birth date!

I tried getting a post up for 11:11am but that didn't happen - went to the Farmers Market instead and got lots of nice vegetables & fruits! We were able to walk to it (about 10 blocks away) which was so nice! Couldn't do that where I used to live - "in town." It was freezing cold though (ok, it's Florida so I know my definition of "freezing" is a lot different...it was chilly especially when you added in some wind!)

We got lots of nice fresh produce and even a homemade quiche! (Which I will be attempting to make next week!)

Last night, I was given the amazing opportunity to take photographs at an event in Daytona Beach for a marketing company. I took photographs of a zumba class, a golf outing at LPGA, and a super fun luau. I'll post some photos soon! For the luau, I was blessed enough to be able to borrow a beautiful Nikon with an out of this world lens! SO AMAZING. One day I will have one - just like that.

This week I gave my body a break from working out...it feels so weird! Everything inside of me wants to workout! Only a few more days until I will workout again...can't wait!

I have a confession to make. I drank a glass of diet coke last night. Usually I'm not one for soda - at ALL. About a month ago, I was at a friend's house and she poured me a glass of diet coke. I couldn't be rude and not drink it...so, I drank it. I never used to like it since the carbonation would make me burp. But after that one glass...I've been wanting it ever since. Which is HORRIBLE! Soda is so bad for you! (In my book!) It's always been water, water, water, some tea here & there and juice for me. But noooo...not my body wants soda. NOT COOL! Maybe if I only allow myself one glass a month that would be okay? Hehe.

Sneak peak!

Have a blessed Friday & weekend!

Thank YOU for being you!


  1. I felt like it was freezing here in GA, so I know what you mean. ;)

    I can't wait to explore our new home and find things like farmer's markets. :)

    That is so exciting about your pictures!

    I'm so horrible with soda...it's gotten worse this week with the stress, I instantly grab one. Not good.

    When you get the chance, you should check out my blog, I found a tumblr this week---I think you would enjoy. :)

  2. Hi Cami,
    This is really quite a date - 11/11/11. There has also been discussion about it here in Jamaica. Persons living abroad also find it funny what I call chilly in Jamaica. I see that you had a great time taking photographs. That is wonderful. I am happy that we met in the Blogging world and have just passed on an award to you. The details are on my Blog. Take care and have a great weekend.

  3. Whoa! Chilly, send some here too! Here the temperatures are about 34 degrees celsius or so! Yeah :|
    That pic is sooo pretty. I loved those flowers!
    Take care

  4. Good morning Cami, I do love reading your posts. They come straight from your heart and your love of life shines through every word.

    I too am all about water and tea. My hubs is addicted to diet coke. He loves the carbonation. I will drink one if we eat pizza. I haven't been addicted yet. HA!

    I have a post that will make you smile. It is a Pink Saturday post that is very different. My blogging friends have loved it and I know you will too.
    Have a blessed day my sweet blogging friend.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  5. Hi Cami,
    I just read your post at Mary's...It is beautiful...I am your newest follower--so nice to meet you!!!

  6. Hi Cami! I just moved from SWFL a month ago and I can tell you it gets cold! It's so weird, but it literally chills you to the bone. I think it is the moisture in the air when the temp drops it feels super cold with the dampness. Great post and I am trying to kick a bad Diet Pepsi habit (rather unsuccessfully...lol)...Keep up the great work!


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