Thankful Thursday 11.10.11

So close to being 11.11.11!! Kind of exciting, kind of cool.

Since I do thankful Thursday every week, I should probably start doing some sort of numbering system so it's not so confusing...

I am thankful for...
-a God who guides me
-as always, each and every one of you
-a man who provides for me
-a family full of unconditional love for me
-morning walks on the beach
-the ability to take photographs at an event today (and get paid for it, too!)
-being able to have quality time with my mom, sister, cousin, aunt & uncle tomorrow at a Taylor Swift concert 
-finding a small pan that I can use so my eggs don't stick
-the ability to be a blessing to others...every. single. day. 
-the ability to share God's love with others...every. single. day.
-the "rumor" that tomorrow will be cold outside. (I can wear a scarf...woohoo!) I guess that will mess up my morning beach walks - hmm...not sure how I feel about that...
-having time to color coordinate my closet. makes me feel so much better! ;)
-hair that is naturally curly or can easily straighten with a straightner.
-currently laying on my bed and being able to hear the ocean waves.

Don't forget to count your blessings & be thankful for them!



  1. Thanks for stopping by! :) Yes he has grown so much this past year. I blinked and he is almost 6 now. LOL My how time flies. :)

  2. What a neat date. 11.11.11

    I can't believe were 7 weeks from christmas.

    Id love for you to check out my blog and follow along. Let me know if you do Ill be sure to follow back!

    Cant wait,

  3. Great things to be thankful for. Have fun at the concert :)

  4. Hey Cami....I love love love your gratitude list. And I'm totally with you on that first one and a family that gives unconditional love. You got such a great attitude....Everytime I pop over here I leave smiling. Have a great rest of the week out there.....

  5. I'm thankful for the email conversation we've been having!


  6. i feel like life at the beach would make me a little more relaxed and grateful :)

    great list!

  7. Love this list! It is so great to see others who take time out to find things to be thankful for!

  8. I love how your thankful posts always contain items both big and small, showing that you truly are an appreciative person.


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