What do you think about hitchhikers? If you see them on the side of the road, do you help or just keep going? Or does it depend on their presence?

Before V, I had never picked up a hitchhiker. I've done it fairly often since meeting V. Just the other day, we had a delicious breakfast and wasn't sure what we were going to do with the rest of our day. We started driving north. We saw a guy walking with a suitcase, that we had seen when we first pulled up to eat breakfast. We drove past him and then turned around to pick him up. He was heading to Jacksonville, V decide to drive up about half way - to St. Augustine.

Apparently this guy had a fight with his girlfriend - it got physical - she beat him up pretty good. He showed us his "battle wounds."

After we left this gentleman, we were talking about picking up hitchhikers. (Btw- he always asks me if he should do it and if it's okay with me before he does it.) He said that he wants to just lend a helping hand, as he always does.

God is our protector - so we have faith that He will protect us when we do something as this. Even if Satan comes in and something bad would happen - at least it would be because we were doing something good...hopefully changing someone's life just a little bit.

This was the conclusion of that conversation V and I had.

Just the other day, I was telling a friend about how V and I do this from time to time. He freaked out. As a man, V should do everything to protect me and not put me in potentially bad situations.

Where do you stand?


  1. Ok I hate to say this but I wouldnt pick up a hitch hiker...Ive just seen to many scary movies where things go bad..Theres been times where I really want to though because not all people are bad but my dads says I have children to live for and since they are always with me I dont dare.
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

  2. Nope not me sorry.

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  3. Props to you! That's very caring of you two to lend a hand. I'm a big chicken and I've had it drilled in my head by my family that you never ever pick up a hitch hiker but your stories are inspiring. Prayers for continued safety!

  4. I could never pick up a hitch hiker. I do feel bad for some of them sometimes, but for my own safety I wouldn't do it.

  5. Honestly, I don't think it is a good idea, I think it's very dangerous. You really gotta be careful. I realize it's tempting to want to help someone, especially, if they are hurt, but that's how a lot of girls get abducted, raped, and killed. They can fake injuries to lure people, so just be careful. You also need to be careful at the grocery, if someone asks you to help put groceries in their trunk or offers to help you. You just can't be too trusting of people. I personally, would not pick up a hitch hiker. That's just me. There are too many sick people in this world. I watch Criminal Minds, and read a lot about serial killers. There are a lot of ways to help people, that aren't as risky, I think I'll stick to do doing those.

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  6. It's illegal for people to hitchhike in Ohio, so I can't say I've ever done it. I guess it really depends on the situation. If I'm by myself I would never do that--I'm too skeptical that something would happen, even though I have always wanted to lend a helping hand that way as a Christian. If I was with my family or boyfriend or even just a group of people, I might think about it. It really just depends on the situation for me!

  7. I can't say it is something I would ever do but I totally respect you for doing so. You're such a caring person!

    Have a happy New Year :)

  8. Oh Cami! I love you & V and think you both have the biggest hearts on earth ... but now I worry for your safety! PLEASE STOP PICKING UP HITCH-HIKERS! I would never, ever, under any circumstances pick up a hitch-hiker ... Maybe it's because I live in NYC, maybe it's because I watch too much Criminal Minds ... but there is just no way I would EVER do it! Much too dangerous! I would sooner call a cab and give them bus money then I would let them get into my car ...

  9. We have stopped to lend the occasional helping hand. In fact, I've done it when I've been by myself....though I always call my husband to let him know exactly what I'm doing as I slow down. Usually, we can clearly tell there's a disabled vehicle or something comparable.

    It's one of those things where I have to trust my gut 100 percent.

    I realize the situation can be dangerous, but at the same time, if I were stranded on the side of the road, I would want to know that someone would stop for me. I guess I trust God and karma.

  10. I have a second thought after reading some of the previous comments. I agree with you and V, God is the protector here; I don't think he would move you to stop if he didn't have you doing his work.


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