Online Ordering at Sears - DON'T DO IT

I'm not telling you what to do -

But I had a horrible experience ordering a mere t-shirt online from Sears.

I ordered a mere t-shirt online. A t-shirt. How easy of an order is that? On November 17. I was supposed to receive an e-mail when it was shipped - come December 7, I sent an e-mail to find out what's going on. (21 days later!)

The following day, I receive an e-mail back, saying I need to contact the actual seller of the shirt. (I guess sears bought the shirt from another company.)

Please contact 'BustedTees' directly for assistance with your purchase. For your convenience, we have provided a link to email the merchant directly in your Order History on, in your Order Confirmation email and also in your Shipping Confirmation email. 

Thanks, Sears, for making me to do the dirty work. I thought that's why I purchased it from YOU? Guess not.

So, I send an e-mail to the seller and receive a speedy response back. The lady I spoke with, Robin, at Busted Tee's was a gem. A complete gem.

She apologized profusely and let me know what the status was. (Apparently, Sears is known for doing this.) A few days later, I received another e-mail from Sears asking them for five business days to find out from Busted Tee's. (Not sure why - I was told to e-mail the seller directly. Odd.)

Well, thanks a lot, Sears. But I don't need you.

Only three days from my original e-mail to the seller, I have a UPS tracking number. I am still waiting to hear anything productive from Sears.

Never again will I purchase online from Sears. Just want to warn you guys, incase you are looking for Christmas gifts for loved ones online. Bad idea!



  1. Wow. You would think they would handle managing an order from THEM.

  2. Wow...that's not good at all!! How unprofessional, but I'm glad the t-shirt company got back to you quickly!

  3. terrible! you would think sears would be a little bit better about that! thanks for the heads up, now i will definitely stay away from that place!

  4. That is terrible, you would think that Sears would have handled this better. I'm glad you were able to have a better encounter with the t-shirt company.

  5. that's frustrating!

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  6. Yikes! I would call in a nd freak. ... you deserve some compensation - itlooks like if you hadn't contacted them, they would not have bothered.
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  7. It's much better to order items online from them and then pick them up in the store. Not much can get lost that way.


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