First Time for Everything...

I've traveled all over Europe. I've lived in Edinburgh for six months. I've traveled to London, Paris, Ireland, etc. I've visited New York City and played "tourist" multiple times. I've done a lot of traveling in the United States - especially in touristy areas. I've been to theme parks. I've left my wallet, keys, cell phone on the beach while I walked around.

I've been in a lot of situations that had the potential for someone to steal from me.

For goodness sake, I went to a public school up until high school. I lived with a person I didn't even know very well my freshman year in college. I went to plenty of places throughout my life where I'd just leave my purse in someone's room while I socialized and hung out.

No one has ever stolen from me...until Saturday night.

Friday night and Saturday morning, I went into my purse to use one of my credit cards. Friday night, I actually used $5 cash. Saturday morning, instead of using cash when I got my nails done, I used my credit card - but I did notice my cash was in my wallet.

Right after that, I did some grocery shopping (where again, I used a credit card and noticed my cash) and came straight home. From home, we went to a friend's house to watch the football games.

I have to add - that we go to this friend's house every single weekend to watch football. As the night went on and the Pats came on, more people started to come- more people than usual....and of course, why wouldn't they? It was a big game!

There were only a handful of people that were there that don't frequently go there when I am there. (And by handful I really just mean one.)

At one point, I went to get some chapstick from my purse. I noticed that my wallet was open - it wasn't buttoned close. I just thought that V had went in there to use some of my chapstick.

It wasn't until Sunday morning when I went for my cash to tithe that I noticed it was gone. I looked through my wallet and my entire purse...just in case it fell out. (Even though I knew it didn't fall's impossible the way my purse is set up.)

As we left church, I checked once again to see if the cash might have fell out. Nope. Impossible.

Oh, I forgot to add that this one person who doesn't frequently come over for football left early. Very early. Before anyone else. I hate that I am making a bold accusation like this - but what else am I supposed to do? It's the only variable that was different from any other football day.

It makes me so upset that this money was going to be used to tithe...that's what bothers me the most. Not only that, but I feel so violated. Someone went into my personal belongings and took something that didn't belong to them. Not cool. SO SAD, too.

I guess I shouldn't have went around with cash in my purse - but I didn't think it was a big deal. Especially since it was only $25...not that much.

I can't imagine how people must feel when they have their car broken into or even their home. I really can't. I feel so violated and it was just my purse - and thankfully, just some cash.

Lesson learned...I guess?


  1. Oh Cami, I'm so sorry this happened to you. It is so hard to get things back on track once these things happen. I just did a Faith post about a little girl. Please come by and see it when you get the change....I think you will like it. Have a good week, my lovely friend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  2. Having someone steal something from you is such a HORRIBLE feeling. It's such an invasion of privacy and makes you feel so vunerable. As if I didn't have trust issues's hard to trust people when you hear about this stuff all the time and then when it happens to you.

  3. I'm so sorry this happened to you. It will definitely make you paranoid and makes it hard to trust others.

  4. oh that's such a nasty feeling though! It's not about how much! I'm sorry girl, that's horrible that happened to you - especially in a 'safe' setting.

    PS - I didn't know you were so well traveled - you should blog about that! :)


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