Healthy, Healed, and Whole

I am healthy. I am healed. I am whole.

I say this to myself on a daily basis. Because it's true. God blessed us with a new day...a new beginning. Every day.

First off, the Winter Jam concert on Friday night was amazing. Ten bands full of praise & worship.
And then church on Sunday was life changing...unbelievable.

Are you familiar with Benny Hinn...healing Evangelist? Someone that traveled with him and still does a lot with him, Joan Gieson, was at church on Sunday. Joan is a family friend of V's.

Joan is on fire for God. (I also didn't believe she is 75 until she showed me her driver's license.)

Service on Sunday was truly life changing. She preached about miracles that happened to her recently and then miracles were performed. The Holy Spirit was so special. And best of all - I am healed. He works in mysterious ways....supernatural ways. I pray you all get to feel that...especially His healing working through you. So special.

I cannot even explain what it feels's unlike anything you've ever felt before.

Joan taught us that we are all living a Christian, by what we say & what we do, other people will interpret as, "oh...well I guess that's the Christian thing to do/not do." We need to remember that our actions are watched by so many.

We then spent the rest of the day - lunch & dinner with her and some other church folk. What a blessed day!

Hope you all had an equally amazing weekend <3


  1. sounds like such a great experience. :) God is good!

  2. Sounds like an amazing weekend. Isn't it amazing how God knows exactly what we need?! It always blows me away! lol


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