Godaddy Issues??

So, V & I just called to renew our hosting through GoDaddy. (We use GoDaddy for Baby Pickel...helping single moms & families in need.) The cost to renew- $239 (deluxe) for two years, including URL. Only problem is, it is now being offered (the same exact plan) for $134 for new members. Dave said there was nothing he could do about matching it.

I kind of understand the point that as a company, you can chose to make promotions at any time you'd like. HOWEVER - working in a business where we also run promotions...if it ever has to do with changing rates and a loyal customer asks for the same "promo rate" we grant it to them - to thank them for their business all of these years and to really prove to them that we do value their business.

We have been with GoDaddy since 2004 and now what - make a new account with a 48 hours downtime transfer. No thanks. Are you guys really not going offer us the same price you do the rest of the world? What would you do? 6 years loyal customer pays more than a newbie. Makes me feel undervalued and not appreciated!

We tweeted to them earlier & this is the response we get -

Apparently, thousands of companies are moving their sites due to GoDaddy's customer service issues and support of SOPA. (Just learned what that is!)

So again...what would you do?


  1. Wow $100 is quite a difference! I think they should accomadate existing customers..we do at our work
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

  2. If I were you, I'd check out the competition. I don't know exactly what your setup and needs are, but at my host, Hostgator, for example, I can get a shared hosting plan where I can keep multiple domains on the single account (in case you want to add another or two later on) for $6.36 a month (for the 3 year plan), not sure if that includes the domain or not, but domains are cheap to register. AND last I talked to them, they'll move over one domain for you as part of that price. I'm not sure what other hosts offer in terms of doing the transfer for you, but its definitely worth talking to other companies to find one that will value your business!

  3. If I were you, I would check out the competition. I don't know what your specific needs are, but my host, Hostgator, offers shared hosting (both for a single domain and for multiple domains on a single account) at reasonable prices. I could purchase a BabyCroc plan today (for multiple domains on a single hosting plan) for $6.36 per month, if I pay for 3 year plan. AND they transferred over a domain for me as part of that, so they did all the transfer work.

    I don't think that includes the domain registration, but that's cheap enough to get on your own, I can recommend namecheap as a domain registry.

  4. If they are not willing to work with you, honestly I think there should be a change.

  5. TRANSFER!!! Don't settle for that freakin' BS. I would Tweet that if they don't grant your site as they do a new site, then you're taking your business to ______ and fill in one of their competitors. To even sweeten the punch, find out what kind of deals you can get at other web hosting sites and do a direct quote in the Tweet. Seriously. Pressure!!!!


    P.S. Be fully prepared to follow through on your threat if they decide to continue being D-Bags. :-)

    P.P.S. Sorry if this sounded a little harsh. Poor customer service is one thing that gets me going!!!

  6. I say leave them, but mostly because of their support of SOPA.

  7. That's crazy! I don't know what your set up is but that is completely nuts. I would go somewhere else. I'm sure you could find something cheaper & a place that values loyal customers. I've been with my host since 2006. I've been a loyal customer since that time & I've had no issues with my service. They also contacted me when it was time to renew & asked if I wanted to pay for the entire next year, or monthly (as they do every time it's time to renew) & they also charged me half for being a loyal customer. HALF! For my domain & hosting renewal. I cannot believe they won't just give you the deal.


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