Happy Birthday Momma!

Today is my momma's birthday!

Happy birthday to the one who taught me how to love! She has the biggest heart out of everyone I know. I wish her plenty of love, happiness, and health!

We are celebrating out to dinner tonight - but hung out on Sunday for a BBQ and just spend time together - it was great!

I'm going to share some photos with you :)

And while you're thinking of her - please pray for her healing of her body! I'd greatly appreciate that!

Me and my precious old man cat :)
Sadly, I can't have pets where I'm currently living so his residence is my parent's

Birthday girl & sister

My V helping with the birthday meal...kebabs!
(Along with PLENTY) of other food

Taco dip I made -
going to post the recipe on tomorrow's Tasty Tuesday!

Angel food cake cupcakes I made - with whipped cream and delicious strawberries on top!

Happy birthday to meeee!
Yep. I made her blow out a candle on one cupcake. Haha :)

I was comfy...I don't know about him! ;)

Oh - and less than ten followers away from a fabulous giveaway!! :)


  1. Happy birthday to your mom! :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Happy Birthday to your Mom..

    Love the pictures
    and that taco dip looks Fantastically Yummy !!!
    and the strawberry angle food cake cupcake YUM!!!



  4. Mmmm those cupcakes look soooo yummy!!!

    Happy birthday to your momma!! Definitely will say some healing prayers :)

  5. Ooh, angel food cupcakes AND taco dip??? That sounds like my kind of party! Happy birthday to your mom!!

  6. Cami,
    I hope your mom had a special day on her birthday. She raised such a beautiful daughter. I wanted to thank you for your lovely comment. My camera is a Canon Power Shot SX 40 HS. I really appreciate that I now have something to capture all the beauty in God's world. I am excited to get started, but I am still learning about it. Have a good week, my sweet Cami.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  7. Every year for my birthday I ask for angel food cake and strawberries -- I have never thought to do it in cupcakes! how fun! :) so glad you were able to enjoy your mother's birthday with her.
    You have a beautiful blog, Cami!


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