Diaper Stories

It seems like there's so many people with "fun" stories of their kids when they were in diapers. Like...having to change their child in a crazy place - something fun like that.

Diaper Stories is a neat little website that I came across recently that has me CRACKING up. Kind of like that Auto-correct site...I'd put it in the same category as that!

The Diaper Stories Blog is where all of the fun is at! I am seriously laughing like a crazy lady..at work. ;)

It's cool, too, because if you enter a story - you can win a free pack of diapers - which is fantastic!

I'm going to my cousin's baby shower on Saturday...so I bought her some diapers as part of her gift - and oh my, they are so expensive!

So if you or anyone you knows are preggers and would love a free pack of diapers (and a good ol' laugh) send them this way!

P.S. Almost to 400 followers...have a great giveaway once that happens! :)


  1. This sounds like some good laughs!! will check it out .. thanks for sharing!! xo HHL

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  3. I remember the days when i had 3 kids in diapers....twice yikes!

  4. Oh yeah, diaper stories are the best. Ha, thanks for pointing me in their direction!


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