Oh, What a Beautiful Day!

So, who wants to come visit me in Florida and see this?

Gorgeous, right?

Gorgeous - just like you! Don't forget how incredibly unique and special you are. You are here for a purpose. An amazing purpose that is going to change the world. Don't forget that the world might be considered your neighborhood or the school you teach at or literally - the world.

In your moments of down time today, if you catch your mind wandering in such a way that it shouldn't...remember this.

We are all human so we are bound to fall into self doubt. But, the great thing is that you have the power to change your thinking and how you will handle situations.

Whatever it is you decide to do today, remember how powerful you truly are.

As an old high school principal used to say - make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!


  1. Your high school principal advice was "spot on". So true.

    Thanks for your sweet comment today.


  2. Thank you for sharing. God is powerful and faithful to keep working in us. May He bless and use you today.

  3. My principal used to same something eerily similar lol Thanks for the reminder-this is all so true!

  4. Beautiful!! Both the picture, you, and your soul! :)

  5. Beautiful picture. You live in a beautiful state. You are blessed. Thanks for linking with us on Spiritual Sundays.
    Many blessings,


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