Online Dating?

Online dating is a very interesting topic - I think.

What do you think about people who are matched together online, they start talking, and then they finally meet?

I know some people who have done that and have had great results! I know some people who've done it and had horrible results.

Right now, I have a good friends of mine who has been talking to an "online guy" since September. They still haven't met! The "online guy" is always full of excuses. Not sure what's going on there.

There are so many Online Dating Sites out there. I wonder which one is the best and why. Any ideas?


  1. You know my answer to that ;) But I think it's a hit or miss a lot of the times. I mean, I did eHarmony this summer but didn't get anywhere. And when I did start to like a guy, he'd ignore me or just stop talking to me. So it's not really always the 'best' place to meet people, but it could open you up to new experiences! I'm very much an advocate for trying it--I'm not saying it will work for everyone, but it worked for me, worked for friends of mine, and I know it's worked for a lot of bloggers and other people :)

    Although, if I was the girl who was talking to that "online guy" since September, I'd tell him to get his butt moving and meet me!!! Very fishy sounding...

  2. I met my husband via a catholic dating site and obviously had really good results. My brother met his wife and my sil met her husband on the same site. With that being said, I know people who haven't had the best experiences either. My #1 piece of advice? You HAVE to listen to your gut. Like with your friend? My gut is telling me that he's giving excuses because he's hiding something. It would probably be best to move on. I hope this guy stops messing with her heart! That would just bum me out :(

  3. I've never tried it myself but my sister and her soon to be husband are a product of It took her a few horrible dates before she found the one but she did it!

  4. It's either a hit or miss kind of thing. I've tried online dating and it's nerve racking because ir can either be a really good expierence or a horrible one. A lot of people also don't have the money to spend on online dating sites they are looking for free ones.
    I used okcupid and it seems to work I met someone who i went to high school with and he graduated a year before I did . So it depends . Many people are too busy to date to or go to the bars sometimes you just use it as a last resort type deal. Hopefully there other opinions out there then mine. Hope this helps

  5. I was VERY skeptical of online dating until I decided to give it a shot a few months ago. A guy I "met" on there and I have been talking for a couple of months now and we met a few weeks after we first started talking. I would be kinda concerned if this guy was always making up excuses. Yes I was crazy nervous but I did it and am so happy I did :)

  6. I met my guy at a social networking site. More than 2 years ago. We chatted,texted,spoke. We've been together since 8th April last year. Met also. And it's amazing.
    I think it depends on you. And the whole thing.
    Even though mine wasn't an online dating thing,decided to share :)


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