Screaming Child

I live in basically an apartment complex. The landlord lives on top, two apartments on the second floor, and two smaller apartments on the ground floor. I live on the second floor. The other apartment on the second floor is a mother, (sometimes the father), and their screaming child.

And I mean screaming on at least a daily basis. Even seven in the morning.

I can imagine her to look like this...

What can we do? Not much.

I understand that raising a child is hard. Disciplining a child is hard...and someone from the outside certainly cannot tell you how to discipline your child.

But it is disrupting the entire complex...and it goes on in at least half an hour spurts.

It's just the joys of living in an apartment complex...

If someone moves in to the vacant apartment downstairs, I hope they realize what they're getting themselves into. If I would have heard what I just heard ten minutes ago for about 45 minutes this time...I probably wouldn't have moved in.

I don't have any kids yet so not sure how to deal with a screaming child. I've been told that you're supposed to just let them scream it out.

Is that what you would do?


  1. Holy moley, I would probably contact the landlord and see whats up with the child. But, I do understand that there is not much one can do. Anyways we currently live in an apartment complex on the 2nd floor. We have neighbors all around us that love, and by love I mean obsessed, partying. It's horrible sleep but we figure we only have until July so just keep on trucking. haha. Good Luck and hopefully the child is just going through a phase right now.

    Love you doll!

  2. Poor kid! I have neighbors beside and below me that have kids. (At least once a week they have a fight) I thought that was bad. I pray that it is just a stage and nothing serious. I was always told that you let them scream it out. I also don't have kids, so that would be one of those things I would have to think about, as far as what I would do.

  3. Ugh that is so awful! I actually blogged about something similar, this time last year. We were living underneath a single mom with a toddler who did nothing but RUN all day and night so that's all we ever heard! It was just too much and I knew there was nothing she could really do to stop her child but I tried telling her how loud it was to us downstairs and she only got defensive :/ So what did we do? I fought with the landlord to allow us to move which we did..It was a pain but worth it in the end..I hope it gets better!

  4. Aww. I have 6 younger siblings, so I can remember the screaming days. They were awhile ago, but they remain fresh in the memory. :)

    I guess just be glad that this child is ALIVE, and has 2 parents that love it and live with it. Lots of kids just don't.

  5. I have this problem too! The kid at the end of the hall screams 24/7...usually starting between 6 and 6:30. Even my mom made the comment that it was obnoxious.

    I don't have kids either but I worked in a daycare for 2 shouldn't scream THAT much. And you live in an have to feel for your neighbors. Get out of the house or something. I feel horrible for whoever lives next door.

  6. I have been blessed to be a homeowner all my life. We have 2 children, both of whom were colicky, and we tried so hard to quiet them through their pain. Our second child has autism and there were times there was no calming him. I often said if we were renters, we'd be evicted. Just a reminder that it may be the child has a medical problem and nothing more than what Mom's doing can be done.

  7. I have kids and I cant just let them drives me son is 6 so hes old enough to know he is not allowed to scream but my 11 month old (she makes her own rules) so I give in..I pick her up otherwise I think I would literally lose my mind.
    By the way I gave you an award HERE.

  8. Oh honey I feel for you! As a childless girl too, I can relate. When we used to live in an apartment, we had the same problem with the people who we shared a bedroom wall with. HORRIBLE! But I'm sure my dog barking sometimes annoyed them too. Hang in there!


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