Thankful Thursday, 1.26.12

Beautiful beach days with my love!

Thankful Thursday link-up...

I am so blessed...
very nice people & very nice compliments multiple times this week...they make up for the meanies! ;)
even though V isn't feeling the greatest...he isn't grumpy, nor mean - still very loving!
nice e-mails and tweets from you all - you make my day!
the Pats won last weekend! woohoo!! Super Bowl, baby!
people saying I'm tan...I totally do NOT see myself as tan...but I'll take it!
exclamation marks...can't you see how much I love them?! ;)
having a God that heals and forgives
listening to some Creflo Dollar recently...not sure why I stopped! He is an incredible preacher and man of God
feeling productive this week - love that feeling!
having Saturday off! It's my cousin's baby shower...should be a fun time. Especially because that means shopping for a little one ;)
spending Sunday celebrating my Mom's birthday...Monday, too, actually! Monday night is dinner...Sunday after church is fun in the sun - bbq!
having a great idea for a Valentine's day gift!
almost cherry season...the prices of cherries went down at the grocery store two weeks ago and back up this week - can't wait for them to be stay down! I love me some cherries :)

having gorgeous weather and being able to enjoy it at the beach...

a wonderful friend of mine coming to visit St. Patrick's day weekend! She went to college with me and she's going to grad school in Vanderbilt excited and happy I'll be able to see her for a bit over that weekend in March :) I miss her so much!
oh and when we fed the birds over the weekend, we didn't get pooped on by one OR get too bombarded!


  1. Soooo excited about the Pats! We watch all the games at a Patriots bar in Virginia. It's like a little family with people in their 20s all the way up to their 50s and 60s. I'm going to miss going there once the season's over!

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  2. Lovely pictures! Your pictures always make me want to take a trip to the beach. ;)

  3. Have fun at the shower and happy birthday to your mom! Lots of great things to be thankful for!

  4. Great things to be thankful for :)

  5. I love being on the beach with my hubby too! Love the pic of your toes in the sand. Too cute. Thanks for hosting!

  6. Following you back Sista! Thanks for the super sweet comments! I already think you're awesome!

  7. Aww now you have me wanting some beach time! Wish I had one nearby! :) You're a blessed girl!

  8. Hey your list. Creflo Dollar...very cool name and you're tanned???? And at the beach. I wanna go to the beach....We got snow and cold and chill.

  9. I also love cherry season and I have to say I'm definitely jealous you are able to enjoy the beach right now. I'm so over winter!

    I'm following you from the Friday Friend & Follow. I'd love it if you could visit my blog and follow me back!

  10. cami you are adorbs. ANd I have to agree with you Creflo Dollar is amazing. He just speaks such truth and revelation about's really cool..and YOU ARE TAN! you live in Florida for goodness sake...the rest of the nation pales in comparison...have a great weekend of fun!

  11. yummmm... i love cherries... especially ranier cherries... absolute fave. hope you have a fabulous weekend cami!

  12. You and your mr are adorable! Love the feety pic.
    You're right...the kind and thoughtful words from people really help to mask the meanhearts out there!
    I hope you have a fabulous weekend full of many blessings, Cami!


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