Facebook Affection

I don't get the whole "Facebook affection" thing. I guess it's the 2012 version of "public displays of affection." I guess?

Okay - so you're in a committed relationship with someone. You see him/her all of the time. Why do you feel the need to say "good morning baby" on their Facebook? I understand a text, 100%! I love my "good morning" texts. Or the "I love yous." Aren't those meant to be more personal? I wouldn't want my other half to write mushy gushy love poems to me on my Facebook. Do I want him to do it - of course. But I'd rather it be private.

I just don't get it when it's so abundant.

I guess what it comes down to is trying to show the Facebook work that you are in love and make it seem like your lives are perfect with one another. Who is it that you want to see your undying love for one another? Shouldn't it be just that - for one another?

Is it possible for someone to enlighten me on this matter? Possibly, even, this current manner on hand...

What happened to good ol' text messaging or phone calls?

All of these things are seriously for the world to see - not each other.

Maybe I am just better off in the 1940's with written letters...hello, Mr. Darcy. ;)

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  1. I completely agree with this! The only time I ever write on my H's wall is on his birthday or if something hilarious happened and I'm poking fun to get his friends in on it or something. We definitely know people who are guilty of this and we always laugh because it's ridiculous. We always say to each other, "Wouldn't they have texted each other that or said it on their way out the door in the morning?"

  2. lol i have the same feelings about this, but to each his own! :)

  3. i have had numerous, mind boggling conversations about why the hell these people feel the need to express their feelings all over facebook. its like they need to show the rest of the world they are in love and live this perfect fairy tale love story. obviously we know you love your significant other, other wise you wouldnt be dating! so why the constant need to project it all over fb!? ill never understand it.

  4. HAHA - so funny. I love the pictures... I've never been one for public displays of affection in crazy amounts, and that's exactly what this is. No thanks! :)

  5. I AGREE!!! I do not get it...at all!!! Especially when the couple are 5 feet from each other. My husband only goes on my Facebook and doesn't have his own account...but if he did...I wouldn't be all over his wall with schmoopie love :)

  6. I don't get it either. Even worse is the Facebook fights between couples. Some things should just be between the two people in the relationship!

  7. Oh Cami,
    Love you, love you, love you. I can relate to this. Like you said, whatever happened to cards, letters, and phone calls? You are wise beyond your years, and this post put a smile on my face. Have a good week, precious one.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  8. lol. You are right - I think facebook is sometimes absolutely about making yourself look good versus real communication. Think of all the quality time we could actually spend with our loved ones if we got OFF facebook.

  9. i LOVE this post!! hahaha, my friends and i talk about this often! ohhh, it gets to me. i admit, in the past, sometimes i'd be all "i love you, babe!!' on steve's fb wall in the "first days" of our relationship. now, i'm more likely to write, "hi butthead!" ;)
    or joke around with things and sometimes comment on him/his friends pics. i can't stand whenever people literally post 428 status updates a day. and literally tell us every little detail. like, "i'm making a sandwich." "just took a bite." "mmm, done my sandwich!" hahaha wow!!
    those people need to start a blog!! :)
    i have a few fb friends that literally post gushy love stuff 10 times a day. i don't mind it now and then but not in excess! :)

    wow...i think i just wrote you a book! haha!
    thank you so much for all your sweet words. i couldn't agree more, that it is all in His time. i've trusted in His will this whole journey and am so thankful for it :)
    and i'm thankful for supportive friends like you!
    wishing you a wonderful tuesday! tons of love to you <3

  10. Those pictures are too funny!

    I post things occasionally, but I have noticed people doing this A LOT. It seems like they are trying to convince someone of their love or something.

  11. Oh... then what would be the reason for me to log onto FaceBook every morning??? Not that I get any of those messages from my HeMan Hubby... but I do get a kick out of reading the crap my friends say to their significant others!!! LOL!
    Have a great Tuesday!


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