Why I Love Blogging

I am linking up with Nelly, Amber, & others for Day 7 of their challenge...
Love Blogging (Why? Why did you start? Who have you met? Favorite posts?)

I'm not sure if I've shared this with you before or not. Back in the summer of 2010, I started blogging for Baby Pickel. We help single moms & families in need. I really enjoyed the aspect of sharing my thoughts and opinions with readers. Since Baby Pickel is an organization, I tried not to get "too personal." After a year of blogging for Pickel - I decided I wanted to start blogging personally. So this past summer, 2011, I started blogging for First Day of My Life!

When I first started blogging - I wasn't sure how to do it. After some pretty lame posts, I got the hang of it. I needed to engage with my audience...show them photos, blog about me and my life. I'm still getting the hang of it, but enjoying every second of it!

Since blogging for First Day of My Life, since I am blogging personally, I have met so many amazing ladies! I haven't met any of them - yet! But I've gotten to know them...I see photos of their lives, their kids, their furbabies...I know if something crazy happened at work or if they are expecting a little one. It's so amazing!! The bonds I have created with some ladies are just so precious - I wouldn't give up blogging because of that.

Some of my favorite posts have been my Thankful Thursday posts. They reminded me how blessed I am and how I need to continually talk & think about the GOOD stuff so it outweighs the bad stuff. I started a Thankful Thursday link-up since I wanted to foster that idea in everyone.

I also started a Tasty Tuesday link-up. (Which I'm slacking on today.) I love new recipes! One of the favorite recipes I've posted as been my signature Peppermint Hot Chocolate! YUM :)

Other favorites:
I Dare You
7 Things About Myself
People Have Too Much Time on Their Hands
True Life: I Peed in the Shower

No matter what I write about, I love the engagement with others.

I look forward to growing with you all in my "blogging career future." ;)


  1. I am grateful for you, dearest! Thanks for being my blogging buddy! We WILL meet up...SOON!!


  2. Hey girl! We couldn't have said it better. ;) The relationships we've built with other bloggers & the support that we give & get from each other is BY FAR our favorite part of blogging!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. I love it! You are one of my first "followers" and bloggy friends vs. just reading someone's blog and not connecting wtih them. I want to know how you go so many followers! I've been on blogger since September but I only have like 20! haha keep up the good work girl!

  4. I'm so glad you decided to have a personal blog.

    I love the friendship we are developing. You are such a blessing and a sweet friend. :)

  5. what a wonderful post!! i loved looking back. i just read your "in the shower" post. hahaha. i admit it 100%...i have!! more than once...eeks, don't judge ;)
    steve has too...and we may or may not have when in the shower at the same time (by "mistake") i'm sure you're so happy you know this hahaha
    thanks for the post!!
    hope you're doing well, cami <3

  6. Great post! I have just started my own personal blog and eventhough I don't have alot of followers yet, I am enjoying reading new blogs, getting to know other bloggers and finding those that I can relate with. I love your blog and how genuine you are! Hopefully we can become blog friends and "follow" each other! Following you now...

    :) Terran



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