February 8, 2012

Cinderella's Shoe

So - yesterday - I'm at work, showing a member how to use their new key I just activated for them (yay...new members!) and my flip flop broke. Yup. The bottom half came off of the top half. Pretty horribly made shoe, I guess you could say. It was about a $15-$20 flip flop...cute. It had a piece that went around the ankle.

I go into the office and try using gorilla glue. Wasn't working. Kept on trying...finally had just enough glue on there. It worked. For ten minutes.

Now what? I'm at work for the next six hours...what do I do?! I asked a handful of men who were at work who had trucks - hoping they would have some magic glue...something.

One of the men tried stapling it. Fail.

So then he decided to screw my flip flop together. Success.

I walked around for the remainder of my day with a nail in my flip flop. By the end of the night, my poor little foot was struggling from the screw jabbing into my heel. Better than nothing though - and so thankful for the help!

Just going out of your way a little bit for someone will make their day!

Now...time to look at some shoes...

Not entirely sure how these would work??

Source: shopbop.com via Cami on Pinterest

Wish they weren't so tall - but liking these!

Source: google.com via Cami on Pinterest

Super fun!! I think :)

These look so comfy!!

All I know is...time to go shoe shopping!! Who wants to come? ox


  1. I'd had a sandal break like that on me while I was out shopping! For the next half hour I was walking around Target barefoot. No one seemed to mind :)

  2. The last ones look super comfy and I love the pink color!

  3. Poor girl! I've been through so many shoe malfunctions it's not even funny. Try busting a shoe at a karoake bar in Vegas of all places and asking a bartender for tape so you can try to repair it. haha! Good thing is you get to go shopping now! I looove those teal shoes!

  4. OOOOO I love shoe shopping! That first pair looks incredibly painful! Good luck finding new shoes.


  5. LOVE the green! However, I have tendoitis in my foot so heels are murder on them. I'm in the market for new flip flops too...living in AZ and all. Maybe I'll splurge and pay more than my Old Navy $2.50 price. :)

  6. Oh my goodness that is terrible! I think I may want to keep a spare pair in my car now. So glad that something finally worked.

  7. I'm glad you kind of got your flip flop fixed! I hate when that happens, but I'm also jealous you're wearing flip flops in FEBRUARY lol :) And those first shoes...who would even wear them?!

  8. Oh my goodness, I've had that happen to me, too! It always seems to happen at the worst time! I think those green heels are gorgeous!

  9. Those heels are all fabulous choices ... though I think these days the last photo is more what I should be looking for. How wonderful that someone was able to come with a creative solution!! Who would have thought a screw? would make it possible.

    Hope you are well hugs, xo HHL

  10. Hate when that happens to a flip flop! I love those green heels. So gorgeous!

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  12. I hate it when that happens! I love the green pair of shoes that you posted, but my hubby would hate if I got shoes that tall. (I am only an inch or two shorter than him:)

  13. Wish it was warm enough here to wear flip flops!


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