Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day, my love bugs!

(I'd like to mention that when people have wished me a "Happy Valentimes Day" I have to giggle. Not sure where that came from!)

I'll be spending my day at work - until 8pm. We don't really have any plans.

I have conflicted thoughts about the holiday. I feel like it has become so commercialized that the fun has (kind of) been taken out of it. (Lets face it - I'm a girl so any time we have a good excuse to be cute + buy a gift for your loved one...I'm all in!)

What I like to take out of it is that it is a day to celebrate all of those you love - your neighbor, your brother, your sister, your mother, your father, your friend, your child, your husband, your wife...everyone! You can show them by giving them a "Valentine" or a piece of chocolate - or a cute sticky note that says "Happy Valentine's Day" on it.

I think every day should be a little more like Valentine's Day, though. You should treat everyone you come in contact with on a daily basis with love! Don't wait until February 14 to give your significant other flowers - do it on June 10th just because you love them.

I do fall for the Valentine's Day trap - but I do try my hardest to do little extra special things throughout the year just because...just to remind others how much I love them. Especially because you never know what tomorrow will bring. (Or won't bring...)

Whatever you decide to do today - enjoy! And remember - I love you! :)

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Cami! I agree with you, every day should have a little more love in it :)

  2. I love you too! You are so cute with your little 'I heart you' pics ... love it!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!! xoxoxo

  3. You are the SWEETEST, Cami!
    Happy Valentines to you! I hope your work day FLIES by for you!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day! Those pics were cute! And I agree, let's all just show love to each other EVERY day :-)

  6. Happy Lovey Day, Cami!! I was actually talking about this this morning on FB. Well, yes, Valentine's Day has been commercialized...along with every other holiday. But the good thing about it is that it REMINDS us to care and to give. If we haven't been doing it for a while, it's a smack in the head. I also met my hubby on Valentine's Day, so it is pretty special for us. I'm sorry you have to work, though. Not just today, but on any holiday where there's fun to be had ;) Have an awesome day!! Talk to ya soon :)

  7. Awww aren't you adorable!! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! I love today! =) We don't go all out and buy each other expensive gifts, but we make the day special by doing little things for each other. And now that we have kids, we make V-day a family affair. This morning, I made the kids waffles w/ whipped cream and strawberries and tonight we're making heart-shaped pizzas and chocolate covered marshmallows and strawberries. Fun stuff!

  8. Cami... great post!! Everyday is an opportunity to show someone how you care and love them ... Valentine's Day like most festive holidays are over shadowed by the commercialization of it all ... and the pressure to GIVE the IT GIFT ... for me a nice meal and cuddle time works well. Happy Valentine's Day ..xo HHL

  9. You are just too cute!! Happy Valentime's (haha) Day! Love you <3

  10. Happy Vday to you too lovely!

    I'm with you on the over-commercialized holidays. We typically don't go all out for Vday, and I like it like that! Everyday is definitely a better occassion to celebrate your love.

    Not sure when you changed your blog layout since I am SO behind on reading since last Friday, but I'm loving it! Very clean and I like the colors much better. Very Florida girl and very you! :)

  11. Hahah, I used to say "Valentime's" when I was little! By the way, I absolutely love your new layout!!

  12. Happy Valentine's to you, Cami,in a totally uncommercialized way..lol. I agree the best day of the year to tell someone you love them is everyday of the year! I've been married quite a while but I still love to get a valentine card from my husband today. He always takes the time to write his feelings in it and that means more than diamonds or roses to me!

  13. Hehe, and a happy Valentine's day to you! :)

  14. When someone says Valentime's Day i cringe inside! But oh well ha ha. Spread the Love!

  15. Happy Valentines Day Cami,
    I agree with you that we should celebrate everyday like it's Valentines day. I love surprising Geoffrey with something like brownies or a written out letter saying I Love you or something to make his day a little better. I do it to my friends and family because you never know when it will be the last time you see them.. say I love you everyday to your loved ones it may be the last. I know that is a downer but it is so true.

  16. I couldn't agree with you more!! I think each day should be the same as far as the way we treat one another!! :)
    Those photos are so cute! And I love your bright nail polish!
    I hope you and V had a wonderful time and are having a sweet week!

  17. you look lovely in these pics!!! I do have a polaroid camera but it doesn't work anymore because in Potugal they don't have it anymore. This is a pinterst picture!

    really like your blog and i'm your new follower. Counting on you to follow as well i'd appreciate it a lot.
    will come back often, for sure.

    kisses doll!!



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