Review of My Love Book - Part 2

Remember when I reviewed My Love Book a few days ago?

I finally got it! It's so amazingly cute & precious!

This is what it looks like...

Super cute, right? It's 36 pages - most have writing on it - some just have hearts on it.

You could customize the front page to whatever you wanted it to say...

And here is an example of one of the pages - top five admirable talents of my significant other -

"I love that you..." list -

Just some examples of some of the pages!

V had a lousy day on Friday, so instead of giving it to him on Valentine's Day - I gave it to him already. (Oops.)

He said that his heart was melted. It was different than the typical photo book I do for him - it has a lot of thought into it. At first he was a little afraid to read it all (he thought it was too long!) But once he finally did he said he loved it and was very happy. His lousy day was definitely turned upside down. As he was reading it I saw him smiling - which melted MY heart. :)

Definitely a great gift for any holiday!


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