Valentine's Day Swap Reveal!

I just love Bloggy Swaps in case you didn't realize from Anna and I's Get Luck Swap! (St. Patrick's Day swap!)

I participated in the Valentine's Day Swap and the lovely Celia was my partner! Thank you! I adored everything - EVERYTHING in it! You are so sweet. I had so much fun shopping for you, too!

I enjoyed getting to know you, too, Celia! Yay for new friendships! :) I feel like we are two peas in a pod - especially when shopping, I felt like I was shopping for myself. (Which made it that much more fun!)

Celia lives in Houston with a very good friend of mine - I hope I get to visit them both in the near future. *crosses fingers* She is a sweetie - don't forget to check out her super adorable blog :)

I'm going to share the amazing package with you...

Isn't she just too cute? Love the drawing :)

The wonderful package! <3 She had super cute tissue paper on the bottom!

Isn't she just precious??! <3

3 nail polishes, nail file, lip gloss, and eye shadow/lip gloss combo! WOW!

The top half...2 face masks, chocolate, and pen/stationary set

Celia, you learned me so well - so quick! I am so thankful for this - brought a huge smile to my face. Thank you! :)

It's almost Valentine's more day!


  1. Aw, how sweet! What an amazing package! I wanted to sign up for this but it was right in the middle of our move and life was just too crazy. I'm hoping to sign up for the next swap!

    1. What a fun gift! The polishes are so pretty and you can never go wrong with chocolate :)

  2. Precious!!!

    I also love the new layout! I knew you could do it!


  3. What a wonderful treat you received in the mail! a box of sweetness! Love that your swap partners name is Celia!! xo HHL

  4. So cute! I just wanted to hop on here really quick and tell you that your post will launch on Thursday @ 9 AM :} Love the layout too! xoxo

  5. So much fun!!! I wish I had gotten in on this in time. I signed up for St Patty's and Already have my stuff bought and packaged! just waiting for an address, I think I went a little over the $10 limit though. It was too fun shopping!

  6. Wohoo! You got some great stuff! I love face masks!

  7. yay so glad you loved everything! i had to stop myself from shopping teehee! hope to meet you soon! =)

  8. Dang, Celia really went crazy with her gifts!! Love it!!! And how cute she drew on the shipping box.

    Thank you for participating in our swap! I'm happy that you had so much fun with it!!!

  9. Love all the nail polishes and the stationery/pen set is too cute! :)


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