Weekly Round-Up of Blog Lovin'

Ok, so...I decided last weekend that I want to highlight some great blog posts I've read from the past week. Maybe I should do a link-up for this?? Hmm!!

If you're sipping your Sunday coffee - read some of these marvelous blogs! (Or if you can't sleep!)

These are just a few - I could make the list forever long - love my bloggy friends! <3

First off, if you need a last minute Valentine's Day gift - check out Anna's great idea for a Valentine Picture frame. Super cute, super easy, and fairly inexpensive craft!

Now that you've spent time on crafting and last minute ideas - get some great motivation from the lovely Silver!

I have to go back to the Valentine's Day mood and would love for you to check out how much Angela loves her husband - so special and melts your heart.

And if you want to melt your heart some more - check out with the Rose Valley girls did for Valentine's for her readers. :)

To melt your heart some more - see how wonderful Maria's heart is. She is such an inspiration! God is good!

Last but not least - Katie's first giveaway!! Woohoo! Congrats on the accomplishment, girl! :) Same to Miss Ally as well - she has an amazing giveaway that ends soon too! ox

Soak up every last minute of your weekend! <3


  1. This makes so much more sense now. People I had never heard of were commenting on my blog, and I didn't know why! Ha. Thanks for the shout-out, lady! I DO love my husband!


  2. Awww...thanks for featuring me! So sweet! :)

  3. I love this idea!! I love how you mentioned something about each one instead of just listing them.

  4. You are so so sweet and thoughtful to think of me! Thank you! And thank you, for putting a smile on my face! You are an inspiration, and your positivity and big heart is contagious!
    I'm so happy we met, Cami!
    Tons of love to you! XOXO


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