This Weekend's Stash

I think I might dedicate this week to shopping & fashion!

V & I went shopping during the weekend & I scored some great deals! All of the additions I made were much needed & very wardrobe thanks me, that's for sure. I haven't been clothes shopping in a good...goodness...eight months if not more.

I'm going to share some of my finds with you today. Let me know if you have any tips or fun accessories to add!

Here are some of the "highlights" of my shopping excursion...

My first pair of SPERRIES. So excited.
So comfy. Not the prettiest but very comfortable and great foot support.
There are so many Sperry shoes...too many to chose from!

I've never owned a one sleeve dress before - but I love the color!
It's a little sheer so I'll have to wear a slip under it. Thinking of
wearing this for a spring wedding. What do you think?

Long tank top but cute when I bunch it up!
I like all the possibilities I have for accessories!
I have a pair of super cute navy blue shorts this
will work perfect with.

Believe it or not, this spaghetti strap is a little heavy...but
I think I look pretty good in yellow so I had to get it!

You can't really tell because of the lighting - but this is a
silver blouse. I've never owned anything like it before -
I am digging the ruffles!

A little short...but hey, it's spring soon! And it's going to be a hot one.

I'm definitely ready for the Florida sunshine...can't you tell? ;)

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  1. You got some CUTE clothes! The one shouldered dress is my favorite :)

  2. great buys! I totally want some Sperry's but hubs things they aren't too cute. The 1 sleeve dress, adorable!

  3. So cute I love the dress and yellow top!

  4. Nice! I couldn't wear half of the items you bought. I don't have the legs for it! lol

  5. I love the zigzag-y top, the yellow top and the one-sleeve dress. All are great picks though. And don't worry I'm sure you'll find numerous deals on shoes in pastel! Oh and I just use regular photoshop. Nothin too fancy! Thank you for liking the pics! x

  6. Love that orange dress!!! I did way too much shopping this weekend, lol :)

  7. Love that red one shoulder dress - that will look great on you! I've been eyeing the Sperry's with the sequins.

  8. Love that one shoulder dress!

  9. I LOVE both of the dresses! You're going to be so cute! :)

  10. Cute red dress and I LOVE Sperry's! They are so comfy. Enjoy them!!!!

  11. So, I'm in love with every single one of your purchases!! :)
    That red dress is so pretty! Can't wait to see pictures! And I love the yellow ruffled top...yellow makes me happy!

    Glad you and V had a fun time shopping!
    You will be beautiful in everything!!

    Happy Monday!

  12. Cami!! I love love what you've done with your blog! I was just about to buy the first dress the other day but Im not so comfortable with the one sleeve. But its beautiful and Im in love with the last dress too!
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

  13. Camiiii!
    The header looks so fabulous =D I love it!
    And the clothes are amazing. They are such beautiful pieces.
    I love them, and this blog :D

  14. I am surprised that you have a slip to wear under the dress. Seems like so many women never wear slips anymore. That just means you are a true lady.


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