Top Three Clothing Stores

It's hard for me to really is. I'm a tall, skinny lady so finding clothes that fit & are proportional is really tough. And rather irritating.
BUT based on last weekend's shopping and other experiences - I have come to a conclusion about my top three stores to buy clothing from.
My top three stores are based on not only style and how well the clothing fits, but also the price.

Number One - Banana Republic (website)I literally never shopped here before until recently. I am so happy I did! I shopped in the "petite" section and I scored gold! Adorable designs for a decent price. (I was at an outlet store so I'm not sure how different it might be from a non-outlet store.)
I would say that Banana Republic is more classy instead of stylish.
I will definitely shop here again & am excited to. I snatched two blouses and a nice t-shirt for less than $35 total.

Banana Republic styles!

Number Two - Body Central (website)
Absolutely adorable & stylish outfits for a very affordable price. I could walk through the store and say "I want that outfit" on pretty much every single mannequin they had up. Believe it or not, that's how I did most of my shopping at Body Central.
One of the best things at Body Central is that they had whole outfits laid out as to what would look good together - instead of having to piece it all together on your own. A very stylish store!

Body Central Styles

Number Three - Papaya (website)
Papaya is similar to Body Central in the sense that it is a "stylish" store. There are less outfits picked out for you - but they have enough where you won't get too overwhelmed trying to find the perfect shorts to match the shirt you just found out fits you!
You can find some absolutely great deals there, too. And if you like online shopping - I'd recommend doing some shopping online at Papaya...their great prices bleed on to their online shop.

Papaya Styles

What are your favorite clothing stores?


  1. I'm also tall and it makes shopping for pants a nightmare! Victoria's Secret pants from their catalogue and pants from the Gap are the only ones that are ever long enough for me.

  2. Hi Cami, pretty little petite you could shop anywhere and look good. I bet my granddaughter age 17, knows all about these stores. Only she is 5'10. Yes, a tall darling girl and she would love the clothes you shared. She was just here visiting and I took a photo of her in the knitted dress I gave her for Christmas. In fact, I took a photo of her family. My dtr, son-in-law and her brother. It will be my thankful post this Thursday.

    Happy and blessed days to you my sweet blogging friend.

    Love, Jeanne

  3. I am SUCH a Banana/GAP girl!! I'll have to check out those other ones too! Thanks lady!

    PS- Thanks for mingling this week! Happy to have you! :)

  4. I'm gonna have to check out that middle one.

    Stopping by from Tuesday Friend and Follow.
    Have a great day!

  5. my faves are jcrew & gap outlet, plus f21. i'm all about the bargains!

  6. I've never shopped at any of those! I'll have to check them out. The Body Central one looks way good.

    I'm pretty boring when it comes to my store choices . . . but I would probably say H&M, and then local boutiques. I love frilly, girly things.

  7. I love Kohls and thrift ;)

  8. I think you look wonderful!


  9. I do most of my shopping at Maurices, Target and thrift stores... Some of my favorite things I've thrifted come from Banana Republic and Loft, though!

  10. Hey Cami! I've been m.i.a. lately on vaca and have a lot of catching up to do on your blog!!
    I love all these styles you chose! That striped shirt with the awesome back detail is so so neat!!
    I'm glad you had fun and great luck with these stores!
    I love shopping @ forever 21, marshalls, tjmax and thrift shops! I'm a bargain Target's 75% off rack is my go to place lol

    Hope you're doing well!


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