Valentine's Day Nails...Seche Vite FAIL

In the spirit of Valentine's Day - I can celebrate all week, right? ;) I know Vicki & Tara are cool with it since I'm doing the Nail Files link-up again!

Ok, I'm sorry but...I still don't like Seche Vite. Not one bit. I keep trying it and trying it. (I do love that it dries so quickly but it peels off just as quickly!) HELP! Any other solutions?

Is it because I hand wash a lot of dishes and clean a lot? But it's like - hello, don't other ladies who wear nail polish clean and wash dishes too??!

I got that white nail art on sale so was excited to give it a try!

I tried! My left hand didn't come out too hot. Haha :)

Up close! I don't think I did too shabby :)

Sadly, though, no one noticed. (Or said anything!) Oh well.

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  1. Umm.... come do my nails PLEASE?! They turned out SO cute!

  2. I think you're just crazy. Lol. After 6 days, my nails have not a single chip! Love seche vite!

  3. I rarely do my nails for the same reason that you're talking about. My nail polish doesn't chip, it PEELS! I asked a doctor once and he said it's probably because my nails are SO healthy, they don't hold the polish as well. It's kind of like painting smooth furniture without sanding it first. The paint just doesn't stick. I haven't tried this yet (because I just remembered this) but maybe you (we) should take a nail file and lightly scuff up the top of our nails to see if the polish sticks better??? Hmm...


  4. Oh and I hand wash dishes, wash my hands often, and am constantly using my hands when ringing up customers at Old Navy, so my nails get major abuse!

  5. Looove them! That pink is the perfect shade! Happy Friday :)

  6. Super cute!! I like painting my nails everyday to match my outfits!

  7. Aww your nails look SO cute!!! I'm still so curious about the Seche Vite though and really want to give it a shot. Hopefully it works out.

  8. Oh Cami, they look so cute! I still have to repaint mine like every 2 - 3 days even with the Seche Vite. I think it's because I'm consistently typing and use my hands a lot. You are not alone in this dreadful dilemma haha

  9. They look so good! I love the heart :) You must have a steady hand!!! Nice job girl :)

  10. Great job with the heart!! Hmm have you tried Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength nail polish? I quite like it

  11. Angela's idea is wise! I started doing that gently and it really does help. I love your nails! And, I've heard that a lot of people who fancy up their nails use gloves when cleaning/doing dishes to save them but I haven't tried that yet.

  12. LOVE your nail art! Come do one for me! =) I use Seche Vite and love it. I have fast growing nails, super healthy and strong. I typically won't buff them because I find that my polish comes off too fast if I do :( ..and my hands take a beating between my love for cooking/baking, weight lifting, obsession with lotion, and workity work teehee.

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  14. Oh no! We both use Seche Vite as out top coat and think it lasts. We haven't experienced any peeling. idea what is going on. I have tried Sally Hansen and OPI top coats and wasn't a huge fan. Maybe China Glaze...I like CG's base coat.

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  15. ohhh, i LOVE them!! super cute!! you did a wonderful job! I'm really getting into nailpolish lately. i am a cleaning lady, so it doesn't help with the peeling and chipping.
    and plus, i love to pick at my nails when i'm watching tv. lol
    pretty nails as always <3

  16. I've run into some problems with the Seche Vite too! Mine thickened and became a pain to use. I've switched over to Sally Hansen - and so far so good.

    Super cute nails! I'm gonna start getting a little more creative too. You girls make me so jealous!

  17. They look very cute! I stopped painting my nails for a long time because they would chip into food I was making (because of constant dishes being done).

    What's helped for me is using pure acetone remover (clear), a base coat, 2 coats of color, and a top coat. My nail tech friend said she does a top coat daily, although I haven't tried that out just yet.


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