Snack Healthy

Snack Healthy! -The name of a company, but also a healthy eating lifestyle.

Who doesn't want to snack healthy?! We all should.

I was so excited to be given the opportunity to taste some Snack Healthy products!

Look how excited I am...

Dried apricots are seriously some of my absolutely favorite little snacks ever! This particular brand is quite scrumptious. Each serving is a mere 110 calories - perfect snack size!

Another one of Snack Healthy's products is Crispy Fruit. These packs are freeze-dried fruit. YUM. In the package of bananas - there are 2 full bananas in it at a mere 61 calories.

Some of the best parts of the Crispy Fruit product is the fact that it is real fruit (no additives) free of: peanut/tree nut, gluten, soy, dairy, is non GMO and vegan-friendly.

Oh and did I mention absolutely delicious? My favorite was the pineapple! (Then the apple, then banana.) They have a funky texture (remember, they are freeze dried) but once you get over that, they are sweet and delicious. You can tell that there is no added sugar - that it's all natural.

More nutrition facts of the Crispy Fruit Banana:

Another delicious product from Snack Healthy are the Loli Bars. They are so small - too cute. About the size of a fig newton, but thicker. One of the Loli Bars I tried was a fig one and it was SO delicious. You really tasted the fit and were able to notice how fresh it tasted. Again, it didn't tasted like there were any additives in it. These bars are a little over 100 calories - so again, a perfect little snack.

All in all - I think Snack Healthy delivers some fantastic products. They are delicious, healthy, and the perfect snack to grab with you to head to the gym or to have in between meals. Believe it or not, these little snacks are pretty filling!

If you check out their website, you will notice that there are all kinds of "opportunities" to get involved in earning free snacks and becoming wealthy. This part of the company turns me off a little. Is the reason the products are a little higher priced because profit needs to be built in so people are able to earn compensation through you or because it is truly a healthy product? If I enroll 4 people to have auto-delivery of the snacks every month, my snacks are free! Cool concept...yes...but I don't know...multi-level marketing (aka pyramids) rub me the wrong way.

I will not deny the fact that Snack Healthy offers some healthy & delicious products - but I am not a fan of MLMs. Perhaps I am being a little judgmental & too harsh...but I am being honest!

I will add that the customer service I have dealt with for Snack Healthy is nothing but helpful & amazing. Thanks, Harry! (Harry can be reached at (805)-416-9578!)


  1. I will have to check all of this out! I need to snack healthy!

  2. I'm with you on the whole pyramid schemes. Not a fan!!! Nice review! I wish I liked dried fruit more! It's always too sweet for me! I do want to try this brand, though! Thanks for the awesome review!


  3. Yum! I will have to loos for these! I love dried fruit, we have tried making our own. Pretty tasty!

  4. I've fallen in love with dried apricots! And I love dried mangoes and pineapple, too :)

  5. I love dried fruit!

    I'll send you those recipes tonight. I haven't forgotten! :)

  6. Hey great snacks that for sure! Plus time to educate you all here so here it is;

  7. A pyramid scheme is our Fed and the Federal Reserve printing money for free, and then spending it. Now that's a true pyramid scheme. All legal Network Marketing business are perfectly within federal laws and ok.

    It's the unprofessional people that get involved with the industry that make it look bad, because Network Marketing is just a perfectly legal business model, it's the very amateur people that are not trained properly that make the industry look bad, and unfortunately there are tons of them that come and go for obvious reasons. A) they are not business people, and B) they don't even know basic business networking or have basic business skills period. HF

  8. i can eat way too much dried fruit!! thanks for the review! you look so cute in the pic all smiley :)

    maria <3

  9. Just announced! Snackhealthy will be coming out with new snacks soon! Here's the "heads up"! Healthy cookies, chips, cereals, and fruit rolls! Man, can't wait and I'm sure you can't either! Snack ON! HF Oh, and see for updates, and discover how you can earn up to $125.00 a month in free snacks!

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    Press Release - SnackHealthy Announces New Products and New Earning Opportunities for WAHM also see for more information.

    “Of the 6% of women in the United States who earn over $100,000 per year, 80% of them are in the direct sales business.”


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