Wine-down Wednesday - Beringer

It's Wednesday!! You know what that means! Forget Wordless Wednesday, it's Wine Wednesday! ;)

Last Wednesday it was my sister's birthday and we all got together for dinner to celebrate.

V ordered a bottle of wine for us all - Beringer - Cabernet Sauvignon 2009.

Usually I don't like wines offered at restaurants if they're offered as their "house wine." Call me a wine snob.

It was pretty good. I was surprised. And it didn't give me a head ache. (Score!)

We actually grabbed a bottle for our weekly wine at home. A 1.5 liter was very cost-efficient...less than $20 and delicious.

It tastes of: plum, black cherry, black berry and is full-bodied. (The best reds are full-bodied!)

For the price + taste combined - I think this just might be our new table top wine!

OH and might I add that yesterday when I was talking about the oldest woman Jeanne Calment and her dark chocolate love affair that helped her age so well, she also said she had red port wine every day too. See- so it is good for your health. :)

Have you ever tried this? If so - thoughts?


  1. Yummy yummy yummy! Your wine posts always make me want to be a day drinker! ;) lol.

    I'm usually more of a white wine kinda gal, but I have been tasting reds more and more often. This one sounds great!

  2. I'm not a red wine fan, but this one didn't disgust me. It's actually one of my mom's favorites! :-)


  3. Cami,
    The plum, cherry, berry wine sounds like a good one. Jess and her boyfriend have a glass of red wine every now and then at dinner. I actually like dark chocolate. I know it's a bit bitter to some people, but I love any kind of chocolate hehe.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. You're giving me a list of wines to try after my

  5. I wish I liked wine but I just can't seem to find any I enjoy. I still love going to vineyards though.

  6. YUM! we love beringer wine! i don't usually drink cabernet bc it gives me a headache, but i will have to try this one!
    thank you for sharing...
    wine and chocolate are SO good <3

    thank you all your love and support, cami! i truly appreciate it <3

  7. I'm kind of a wine snob too! Sounds like a good choice- may need to pick this one up.

    I am excited to be your newest blog follower!


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