Sprint Customer Service Issues

Again, another customer service issue...

Does this make sense to anyone...

Jordan in New Mexico at extension 6032 has informed me that even though after 12+ years of being a loyal - complaint free - paid in full each month customer - I am "lucky" that Sprint has allowed me to be a customer. (REALLY??!!)

My bill has increased an amount of $20.00 a month in the MIDST of my contract with them. Last July, I re-signed my contract with them...so why, February of 2012 did the price change? Shouldn't it stay the same until July of 2013??

Spring has decided to take off the charge for last month, this month and the next 2 months - but they will not take it off for the remainder of the contract which is until July 2013. Why help me half way?

I have been made to feel like I am "that customer" who is just calling to try and get discounts for nothing... NO, I just want the price I was told I would receive when I re-signed my contract to remain.

Here I am after 12+ years, and have always bragged about how great Sprint has treated me - but now has come crumbling down.


Now, since I have called 4-5 times within the past couple of days to try and get this TOTALLY fixed not half way - they say I am a "problem" customer. #help

I am still waiting on a "higher" up to call me back which has now been almost 3 days later...

Day 3 trying to get this resolved.

Would one of you guys below like to help a loyal customer of yours pay their bill and enjoy my service?

Dan Hesse
Chief Executive Officer
Sprint Nextel Corporation

Joseph J. Euteneuer
Chief Financial Officer

Paget L. Alves
Chief Sales Officer

Matt Carter
President, Sprint Wholesale Solutions & New Ventures

Keith Cowan
President, Strategy and Corporate Initiatives

Steve Elfman
President, Network Operations and Wholesale

Bob Johnson
Chief Service and Information Technology Officer

Bill Malloy
Chief Marketing Officer

Sandra J. Price
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Bill White
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility

Charles Wunsch
General Counsel, Senior Vice President and Corporate Secretary


So, as of March 29 at 9:45am-

Let's see how long it takes to hear back. (Phone calls with Sprint with supervisor after supervisor did nothing)


  1. Same thingg happened to us. But it only went up by a few dollars. When we called, they said it stated in the contract that prices can change at will. Well, me being me I went through that contract with a fine tooth comb and found nothing. So I got our price. Might want to do that yourself if you have a copy to get leverage.

  2. Bummer! I hope they get everything straightened out for you.... Cell phone companies... I have ATT and want to change next time our contract is up (in October) and I thought about going to Sprint... but I guess we'll see!

  3. That is crazy your "lucky" no they are b/c you can go somewhere else. I hate people like that! I hope they fix it soon!

  4. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! i def have had problems with them before but they usually resolve the problem when i call! my sister always threatens to go to AT&T if they do not fix it...that has def worked...LoL


  5. Ridiculous! Customer service is not what it used to be, that's for sure. I know there are problem customers out there, but it seems like every "representative" automatically jumps to that conclusion if you aren't in agreement with them. Make me very angry and the ugly comes out of me :)

  6. Wow, I can't believe that changed the price on you just like that. Maybe when you resign again but like you said not in the middle of your contract.

  7. Wow, sounds like a super annoying situation! I hope it all gets worked out. Hopefully a higher up will call you back and resolve everything and apologize for what they have put you through!! You deserve that AT LEAST.

  8. WOW I didn't know they can change the price like that. We switch from Sprint to ATT because we had problems with them and their service. Hope you get it resolved.

  9. When you're ready to switch, go for Verizon. I LOVE them. Plus, since I work at Old Navy, I get a 20% off discount. :-)

    I would call them back and not hang up until you speak to a supervisor. If that supervisor can't/won't help you, ask to speak to their supervisor, and so on and so on. Don't take their crap. Let them know that if they don't resolve it, you'll gladly pay the $300 termination fee to switch to Verizon who has EXCELLENT customer service according to a close friend. Things like that always seem to get things done.


  10. You would think if they were going to change the price of it before your contract was up, they would have sent you a notice to give you a heads up. My credit card companies have done that when there is a change with the interest, or late payment fee, etc. I would definitely call them and ask why they did it now when you just renewed your contract, etc. Complain and if not, switch! I have no problems with verizon!

  11. I cant believe this CAMI!!!!! They shouldn't be allowed to raise your price in the middle of your contract?!?!?!?!?!? I feel sooooo beyond angry for you!!! I hope someone calls you back soon :)
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

  12. Man, that just totally gets to me! I really hate bad customer service or when people talk back to you. Even if a customer is upset or uses foul language, they must be able to keep a level head and remain professional at all times. And to use persuasive tactics like "you should feel lucky" you are a customer? Lousy!


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