Thankful Thursday, 3.29.12

Wow! It's Thursday already.


What a blessed week I've been having - praying you have had one as well!

Making a list of what you are thankful for will help insure that you will start viewing life like it is half full instead of half empty! And it will remind you of all you are blessed with when you have a not so good day!

So many wonderful, beautiful things to be thankful for...

Work. Although it drives me crazy (pretty frequently) the ladies I work with are amazing and it makes work that much easier.

Wedding time!! Going to a wedding on Saturday...I'm excited to be a part of the beautiful, special day.

Of course, what goes along with weddings is getting all dolled up. I'm excited for that! I asked a childhood friend of mine (who I'm excited to hang out with!) to help with my hair & make-up (right up her alley!) - she got excited and already sent me a photo of how she wants to do my eyes & my match my coral one-sleeved dress:

I'm getting a manicure & pedicure Friday after work! Woohoo. I'm in dire need of a pedi - I kept putting it off. I'm going to try out the gel polish when I get my mani! I hope it will last 2 weeks!

I've changed my workouts up a bit - and I've been feeling super sore. I love that feeling!

Beach reading! (If you have any recommendations - let me know!)

Date night! Spending time, just the 2 of us, makes me ever so happy!

Seeing Hunger Games with V's little sister, my little cousin, mom, aunt, and my mom's friend - it was certainly a family affair! It was such a fun time with everyone. OH and I completely adored the movie! Some of the differences (book VS movie) irked me - but I still enjoyed it!

Being told I look like Julia Roberts. :)

Finally seeing Footloose (the remake) with a friend over the weekend. Made me smile and think of the original. I love watching people dance - like Dancing With the Stars!

Friendships I've made via the Blog'o'sphere! <3

Keep being blessed!!


  1. Thanks for linking up with me! I love your post. I really need to see what all the HG fuss is about! I've yet to read the books or see the movie, but I'm intrigued!! :)

  2. i can totally see julia roberts!! :)
    i used to get her once in a while when i was younger and waitressed...BUT, i don't see where at all. lol

    that photo of you and v is so cute! it always looks so pretty and vacation like where you're at. i love it!!

    i want to see the hunger games so bad. i keep on hearing so much about it!
    maria <3

    have a wonderful thursday!

  3. Hey 16 yr old said the same thing about The Hunger your list and the two of you look beautiful. Have a great thursday out there

  4. Have fun seeing the Hunger Games - tell me what you think about it!
    I love date nights too and we've been blessed to have quite a few lately.

    Love those eyes that you are thinking about doing for the wedding, I'm sure you will look great!

  5. You will defiantly need to post pics of your hair/makeup/dress from the wedding! Isn't being sore a wonderful feeling, haha, but really it makes you feel like you did something! As far as reading, do you have an e-reader? I recently got a kindle fire and I LOVE it! I don't remember the last time I read so much. There are all kinds of free books for it, and you might think free really?! they won't be very good but some of them are wonderful. I'm reading one right now and I can't. put. down.

    Happy Thursday!

  6. I'm going to see the Hunger Games hopefully this weekend!!
    Got you entered in the giveaway! So thankful it's Thursday!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. Such a great list! Love weddings, have a great time!
    I'm hoping I get to see Hunger Games soon, did you read the book?

    Charlene @ A Divine Walk

  8. I love the gel manicure. I have thin nails and I'm super hard on my hands. The gel lasts and last and lasts.

  9. I wanna sit on the beach and read!!

  10. Hope your wedding weekend goes well! Will you be traveling for it?

    I'm jealous about Hunger Games! ;)

  11. Ooh! Weddings... tissue alert for me. Got a mani-pedi today. I feel like a new woman. So many fun things to be thankful for!

  12. wonderful thankful list... as always. did you just love the hunger games?!? i haven't read the books, but saw the movie last weekend and really enjoyed it.

  13. I always love your lists! And it's funny to always see how a lot alike we are! I too love manis and pedis! Wish I could get them more often.
    Funny how when you read the book before a movie, we're always so critical, right? The movie was still great though and they did pretty much keep to the story line, but again, like you I noticed the differences.


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