Top 3 Fitness Aps

(according to Cami!)
I can't live without: my iPhone, new aps, and fitness!

Cami's Top 3 Fitness iPhone Aps - all FREE!
DB Tracker
You can track your daily food intake, your workouts, your weight, and view your progress! Along with tracking your daily food intake - it will let you know if you've gone over your daily calorie limit. Also available are workout ideas! They are divided into categories based on body part.

Shopping List (from
Pretty self-explantory. You create a shopping list in this ap - you can either type it manually, speak into it, or scan a barcode! When you add a new product to your list, it will categorize it into the type of product (product, dairy, meat, etc.) - it definitely cuts down your shopping time! ALSO - if you set up your location, you can see what specials (discounts!) are available in stores near by for the products you have added. And - you can find recipes with the ingredient you added to your list. Doesn't get better than that!

SparkRecipes is a fantastic cookbook ap! You can find a recipe based on category or based on a specific recipe you might be looking for. The best part - these recipes are healthy! Most of them include the nutritional values in the recipe as well.

Do you use any of these aps?
What are your favorite iPhone aps?


  1. I'll have to check out that last one! I have been using Lose It! My favorite thing about it is you don't have to enter and search for the names of the foods, you can scan their barcodes!

  2. Wow. I thought I had all the fitness/diet apps I needed, but I haven't even heard of these. I use Livestrong on my phone, but I kind of want to try the daily burn. Also, I've been looking for a better way to keep track of recipes. Oh my goodness, you've made my Monday :-)

  3. I've been using Lose It, which I'm quite impressed with so far. It's SO easy to enter foods and activity. I think I'm going to need the Spark Recipes app though. I always need a new healthy dinner idea!

  4. wow..pretty unbelievable isn't it?!...thanks for this information.

  5. i will have to look into the first one. i don't have that many (only one actually lol) fitness apps on my phone. thanks for sharing these.


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